Learning: TikTok & YouTube – The Future of Education?

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Educators on TikTok & YouTube have taught us a valuable lesson, that learning should be fun. We speak to creators and experts about how ‘#learning’ has engaged kids in new ways.

Produced in association with the Kids Media Club podcast, Jo and Andy speak to creators and experts about how TikTok & YouTube are transforming education for children and Generation Z.

 When pandemic lockdowns caused disruption to education systems, TikTok and YouTube raised their game. Whether it was ‘how-to’ videos, tutorials or fun fact clips both platforms came into their own as millions of home-bound children went online. Informative videos have always been popular but when schools reopened this behaviour has remained, increased even, so that the current appetite amongst families to supplement children’s education using these platforms is as large as ever.

 The result is special funds from both YouTube and TikTok for educational creators, and TikTok’s #LearnOnTikTok initiative has resulted in several billions of views. So why the big numbers? Educational videos on these platforms are different to those used in edtech websites or in class: they’re fun, bitesized bits of info that make kids think and the info  sticks!