The Rise of the Vlogger Next Door

This session provides rich insight into the evolving nature of children’s viewing landscape, with a particular focus on their content needs and the platforms they use to meet these. We explore what content children are most attracted to and why. We examine data on:

  •   Time spent watching: how much time are children spending watching TV? How is this changing over time and how does it differ by location?
  •   TV, video-on-demand and YouTube: how does live broadcast TV stack up against the desire to watch what you want when you want it, and how has this changed over time? What’s the role of YouTube, and if asked to choose between TV programmes, on-demand content or YouTube which comes out top?
  •   Children’s content needs: why do children watch content: to make them laugh, to find out about things that interest them, to help them relax, or to learn? Which platforms do they use to meet their needs and why?
  • Children like me: Do children think it is important that the content they watch reflects them and their lives? Do they think there is enough content that does this? And where do they go to find this type of content?