Playful Communication

How we communicate is a key element in all human relationships, from the first garbled “conversational” sounds made by a baby through to discussions at boardroom level. Ash Perrin (clown name ‘Bash”) is the founder and CEO of The Flying Seagull Project, a UK-based charity that works with children around the world who are underprivileged, marginalised or suffering. Ash connects with these children, no matter what languages they speak, by communicating playfully and this type of communication requires 100% commitment.

Ash suggests that when we connect with each other via digital devices, on phones or via screens, the result is often “a low output form of communication”. In the current lockdown era this way of connecting with others has become a necessity for us, and with discussions about increased remote working as the way forward for many companies, how might this affect our working relationships? In this session Ash will explore the essence of communication and its importance in all aspects of our lives.

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