Quality Control

Fine tune your sense of what works and what doesn’t with this exploration of the basis of industry decision-making.

No one can argue that our children don’t deserve “high quality” animation. But what does that actually mean? Often defined by accolade and awards proffered by judges with no shared assessment criteria quality becomes subjective. An output of an industry echo chamber rather than an indication of audience impact.

Plenty of very good animation never reaches the audience because someone, somewhere at some point decided that quality wasn’t there. And sometimes audiences are offered stuff that maybe they shouldn’t be. Harsh but true.

In this no nonsense, tell-it-how-it-is docuvlog we’re going to explore what this utterly subjective, overused and clearly misunderstood term actually means. And to do that we’re going to get the perspectives of the people that know…animators, writers, producers, educators, distributors and most importantly children.