Playing Catch with a Crystal Ball

Playing with the future? Yes! Brave visionaries tell us what they see as the most dramatic change(s) coming to all screens.

Kids’ media has changed beyond all recognition over the last 10 years.  A handful of Linear TV choices has been joined by streaming services, smart TVs and devices, fast channels, social and gaming platforms and more.  And kids love them.  To win in kids’ media you need your eye on all these balls and more.

In this session, join our Crystal Ball panellists as they toss around their predictions for where kids’ media might go in the next 10 years.  What are the big digital innovations?  Which trends are emerging in linear, non-linear and interactive content? And just how will storytelling need to evolve to keep up?

What are the new storytelling tools that will attract and maintain kids’ attention? How might development and production tools and techniques change? Will children’s shows be impacted by data-tracking, AI, social sharing and recommendation algorithms? Will kids push aside long-form linear stories in favour of addictive interactive participation? Will parental controls on kids’ online communities and other media consumption continue to keep pace and ensure protection? 

All these and more questions will be shared through the minds’ eyes of some of the industry’s most forward-thinking leaders in children’s entertainment. An unmissable video exploration to get you ready for new developments that are just around the corner!