Memories of War

PJ Briefcases have a Chat area in the Children’s Media Conference Facebook Group. Delegates can comment, post questions or discuss the content of the PJ Briefcase videos there.

The PRIX JEUNESSE “Suitcase” is a CMC staple – every even-numbered year when we gather in Sheffield, the international children’s television festival has just concluded. The 2020 PRIX JEUNESSE went virtual under the theme “Separated by Crisis: Together in Commitment to Children.” It may not have been face to face, but the 1000 participants brought intense passion for creative exchange.

For CMC 2020, we’ve broken up the “Suitcase” into three “Briefcases”: Winners, Memories of War, and Close to Home (Local Content).

With an introduction from PRIX JEUNESSE International Advisory Board President (and CMC regular) David Kleeman, “Memories of War” features three programs (two from Germany, one from Italy) commemorating the 2020 75th anniversary of World War II’s end in Europe. Each brings a unique storytelling style – non-fiction and fiction, live action and animation – but all tell stories of children at the centre of devastating circumstances.