Influencers and the Environment

Gen Z influencers live in very intense times. First, a world pandemic, followed by international civil uprising against racial injustice. Climate change continues to loom over their futures. Yet online creators engage in informative and uplifting content that sees them more organised than depressed. GenZ understands that no social issue lives in a vacuum. Intersectionality is a language that social media creators have been speaking for a while. Yet the entertainment industry has a long way to go to be better at youth representation. 

In this session, we look at how young leaders tackle large problems by engaging loyal audiences. We will hear from talented activists who manage to make their content impactful yet entertainment and youthful. We will be looking at their favourite platforms to come together and share knowledge and inspiration and finally, we will be taking away insights on how we, the mainstream entertainment makers, can do to be part of the change.