Listening to Kids

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Perspective On… Listening to Kids  has a Chat area in the Children’s Media Conference Facebook Group. Delegates can use it to leave messages, ask questions and discuss.

If we want to create media that speaks to children, we need to listen to them first. Children communicate all the time, but they can be hard to hear, especially the youngest.

 We tend to understand children best when they talk like adults. But these efforts force children to shout, disempowering young voices. How can we meet children where they are? How can we listen in the language children speak – their vocabulary of  storytelling? 

 Better content for kids starts with understanding kids better and getting the messages kids are sending us through their creativity. For that we need to learn to really listen to these rich sources of information about what kids really are all about. This session will help you do that. It will look at the ways we don’t listen to kids, how to do it better, and why that matters for the media that resonates for them.