Olga Cherepanova on creating ‘Brave Bunnies’

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Olga Cherepanova on creating hit Ukrainian preschool series ‘Brave Bunnies’, from the initial book idea, to re-developing it into an on-screen reality.

Olga Cherepanova, Co-Founder and Creative Producer at Ukrainian production company Glowberry, talks writer-to-writer with scriptwriter Angela Salt about creating ‘Brave Bunnies’ – the first Ukrainian children’s brand to go global. The show is about two adventurous siblings who travel the world making new friends. The show mixes a hand-drawn 2D style with comedy and catchy songs. Olga talks about the inspiration behind the idea, which she initially wrote as a series of picture books, then developed it into a TV series, making it a fully-funded on-screen reality working with co-producer Anima and distributor Aardman Animations. This chat is packed with essential insights about getting  your own kids’ show off the ground.