Life in Lockdown

Education, socialisation and other formative experiences moved online in 2020; what did this mean for children’s media behaviours?

2020 was an extraordinary year, and one that had a profound impact on children’s media use. For children in particular, education, socialisation and other formative experiences were disrupted or suspended. This led to children having a huge increase in free time and ultimately, changes and developments in their media behaviours. This session will unpick some of their media behaviours in more detail.

What were children doing during the various lockdowns? Which online platforms were children turning to for entertainment and why? What type of content were they seeking online? Did children prefer content that reflects their own lives or content that’s aspirational in some way? And, were children happy with just watching content posted by others or did they find ways to feel more connected and part of the action?

And lastly we’ll look at children’s TV viewing habits: has the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the trend away from live TV or did the increased time at home mean a return of ‘family TV’? How reliant were children on video-on-demand for their entertainment during 2020? Were they seeking out new programmes or binge-watching old favourites?