KidsKnowBest: Kids Know Metaverse

We spoke with kids and parents to understand what they do and don’t know about the Metaverse. This video highlights the variety of digital to physical touchpoints kids are engaging in and how areas of their lives are becoming one.

Metaverse is the biggest buzz word of 2022 and rightfully so, as both the physical and digital world merge ever closer. As the space grows it’s important to see how kids fit into the equation. They are spending time on Roblox, Fortnite and other digital spaces, not only playing games but hanging out and having a good time. Whilst they don’t articulate the metaverse, there was a consensus around ‘consistency of content across spaces, both physical and digital’. The sneaker example rings true. If they buy Adidas sneakers, can they take them as a digital asset into online spaces, such as Fortnite?  Is their wallet universal?

With thanks to the YouthTrendSpotting Programme from KidsKnowBest.