Creativity meets government and tax incentives, providing new routes into Europe and co-production partnerships with Italy.

From a rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship to where the industry is now, we explore how it has been evolving and growing fast in particular over the past five years.

We discuss how working with Italy is changing, what the benefits are and how those outside Italy can benefit from the new growth in the animation industry. A new route into Europe, and new financial benefits. 

So why Italy? From the golden age of craftsmanship, in the Sixties and Seventies, when talented authors made the commercials real works of art, Italian industry has made great strides, always keeping creative quality at the center of production.

Two industry experts show us how today the Italian industry is very vibrant and attractive for international investors and the Italian programs are present on all international markets.

Have a look at how the perseverance of producers and the new financial instruments put in place by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage have given impetus to an exponential growth of the entire production chain.

Also discover how the activity and initiatives of the national association of producers Cartoon Italia have been of great support for the growth of recent years: from the concrete participation in the audiovisual reform to the support given to events and training in the local hubs, to the internationalization of the sector.

Today the Italian industry can benefit from new government and tax incentives, a wider range of broadcasters and networks to work with, a very lively local industry supported by public funds in the different areas.

Come and find out the benefits of connecting with Italy.