Information Overload: Teen Pressures in 2021

What really matters to teens in 2021, how they deal with the pressures and stresses of growing up in today’s world and how media brands can play a valuable role in their lives.

As part of the plan to commission new content aimed at 13 to16 year olds, Channel 4 commissioned Sherbert to delve into the lives of UK teenagers and bring together insight, knowledge and experience to help better understand this audience today.

Sherbert regularly speaks to young people about the different aspects of their lives and we are fully immersed in the teenage psyche. This project allowed us to explore the big issues in the lives of 13-16 year olds, what really matters to them, as well as how they spend their time and their relationships with media. It was fascinating to understand the additional impact that the pandemic was having on them and in particular, look at how their use of media (in all forms) has evolved. We identified universal behaviours, experiences and emotions which bring this cohort together, enabling their needs and motivations to be placed front and centre of all Channel 4 strategy with programming being designed with them in mind.