An insight into Indian opportunities, media  consumption patterns and working with Indian studios –  outsourcing, co production and  freelance relationships.

With the second largest population in the world and one of the most talented, yet cost effective work forces – India holds a dual edge in the content business – a powerhouse for content production and an insatiable thirst for content consumption. 

Talented workforce at a global scale producing some of the best international content at a fraction of costs has always been a guiding force for the growing AVGC (Animation Visual Effects and Gaming) business in India. Now, armed with 18+ co production treaties and a host of local incentives under the new state AVCG Policies, India is slowly adding to the reasons why Indian studios could be great production partners. 

An increased digital penetration and burgeoning subscriber base has led to an explosion of content consumption in India. Not only  has this stimulated content production for the domestic market but also attracted international players to develop content for the Indian audience. 

India has also seen a shift from the traditional hired workforce to reliance on more freelance effort – increasing opportunities for International talent to work with Indian studios.