Harnessing 2020 Vision

Beano Brain, the insight consultancy from Beano Studios, has pioneered a trailblazing approach to kids’ research, using their natural engagement with digital media to obtain ‘of the moment’ insights.

We will share the unique insights into the experiences, feelings and media behaviour of 7-16-year olds during the Covid-19 crisis and most recently the Black Lives Matter protests.

We will be sharing the most pertinent themes for the CMC audience including kids’ diverse use of video platforms to enhance creativity, gaming’s multi-faceted role and the importance of representation and diversity in kids’ media.

We will share concrete examples of how the insights have fuelled business decisions and influences our own Beano Studios content and reveal the most pertinent, emerging themes for the kids’ media industry to understand what the future holds as we move into truly unknown territory.

Harnessing 2020 Vision has a Chat area in the Children’s Media Conference Facebook Group. Comment, post questions or discuss the content with Beano Brain there live on Wednesday 8th July 3-4pm BST