China: Making Stories Work

Expert perspectives on why some stories work for the complex kids’ market in China, and why some don’t.

Got your hero fighting a dragon? In the massive market of China, dragons are good creatures, symbolising the Emperor. Think again…

China is a huge and growing kids’ market where a few British properties such as ‘Peppa Pig’ have become gigantic phenomena. As storytelling becomes more and more globalised, tripping up over cultural differences presents a potential stumbling block for a property’s global ambitions.

We talk to two professionals who bridge the gap between East and West.

  • What stories have crossed successfully from West to East (and vice versa)?
  • Why do stories fail to cross over, and how can creators anticipate pitfalls?
  • How does the style of storytelling differ in China and the West?
  • How do perspectives on educational content and the expectations of parents, publishers and broadcasters differ in China and the West?
  • What are the biggest opportunities for cooperation – fusing the best that China and the West have to offer creatively?

Answers to these and more creative questions will help your business make the right sort of waves in the complex Chinese kids’ market.