Canada is a long time favoured international co-production partner for children’s media. It is recognised as a major player in film, television and interactive digital media production. 

The growth of Canada’s multibillion-dollar production industry is attributable to its high-standard facilities, experienced workforce, physical and cultural proximity to the United States, as well as many favourable economic factors.  These include lower location and production costs than in the US and Europe, a good exchange rate and advantageous government tax incentives and funding policies.

Coast to coast, Canadian provinces and private sector entities offer grants, production funds, employment incentives and tax credits to secure a vibrant Canadian production sector and entice the world to co-produce with Canadian production partners and funders.  

An experienced  Producer, Studio  representative and Production Funder will update us on the current status of the children’s production sector and try and entice us to produce in, and with, Canada.