Empowering Generation Z through Public Service Media

Generation Z are emerging as a distinct audience with radical media habits and preferences that exclude more traditional public service media content. So who are Gen Z and how can public service media reconnect with this key demographic?

Public Service Media are failing to attract and engage with adolescent and young adult audiences. Their world is saturated by streaming and social media making this cohort ‘permanently online and permanently connected’. They prefer ‘media worlds’ with linked media of different kinds – where they want it, when they want it, how they want it.

In this session, we will examine who Gen Z are, the media they consume, and their enthusiasm for broader trends such as wellbeing, environmentalism and social change. We will discuss the lack of current provision that accounts for these trends, and concerns over proposed changes in the UK that could further alienate them from public service media.

We will explore how to identify and appeal to the media orientations and behaviours of ‘micro-generations’ and recommend how public service media can better serve the needs of Gen Z as a whole, through media that enhances well-being, media worlds and strong brands.