Dylan Collins by Biren Ghose

Technicolor India’s Biren Ghose  looks back on Dylan Collins’ revolutionary opening keynote from the 2014  Children’s Media Conference.

Dylan Collins started a revolution with SuperAwesome that saw an Industry grow to 500m kids accessing “safe digital engagement” across apps, games and online services. This start-up was only a year old at the time of his 2014 Children’s Media Conference Keynote. It went on to raise investments from Microsoft among others and was bought out in 2020 by Epic Games! 

Serial entrepreneur Dylan created a parental consent management toolkit with the aim of making it easier for developers to build a safe online gaming environment for children. Animation guru, kids content veteran, studio head honcho and CMC junkie, Biren Ghose, reminisces, in his own “technicolored” style, as to how Dylan’s keynote captured the imagination and epitomises the transient and revolutionary nature of media in the way it mirrors today’s trends and shapes the future of, and through, storytelling.