Doing Diversity Well – Who Pays for It?

Broadcasters have ring-fenced  multi million pound budgets for creative diversity. How does that translate on the ground for productions?

Broadcasters have put talent, diversity and skills at the top of their agendas and have ring-fenced hundreds of millions to spend on creative diversity.  They know diversity is no longer a nice thing to have – it’s business critical.

But how does this trickle down from announcement to on the ground strategic delivery?  And how can producers access this invaluable collaborative resource?


Links to all of the organisations mentioned in this video can be found here:


Creative Diversity Network

Creative Diversity Network: Doubling Disability

Diamond Reports

Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media /See Jane

Creative Access

Sky Manifesto – D and I

Film London Equal Access Network

Mama Youth

D and i

Sky’s Advisory council

Sky’s Content Academy Scheme

Lewis Hamilton Mission 44

National Film and Television School

Paramount/ Reflecting Me research and report

Paramount Inclusion

Toy Like Me

Secret Story Draw

Gritty Talent

Bridge 06

NextGen Skills Academy

Think Bigger

Black Association for Arts

Arts Emergency


BBC Diversity Fund