Unpack the methodologies of co-creation and understand the benefits of co-creating with young audiences.

From television to museums to products, children and young people are increasingly at the forefront of decision making.   

In response to current debates on how to move beyond ‘voice’ and encourage more meaningfully engagement with young people, this session showcases kids’ content from around the world that has co-creation at its heart. 

This thought-provoking session will take a closer look at four cutting-edge projects where children and young people played a key role as creators, offering insights on ‘how to’ guidance and reflections on navigating the challenges and complexities of such participatory approaches. 

With the help of producers and academics, we hear first-hand experiences of storytelling in a collaborative way, and what opportunities lay ahead for others who want to employ similar participatory frameworks.  Our experts discuss co-creation not as a service, but as a mindset and approach – as a new way in which children and young people can play an ongoing, active role in what they watch, consume and play.   

Play, learning, creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of successful co-creation. This video explores how organisations have adopted co-creation to create lasting and meaningful value to young audiences. These honest, transparent and inspiring insights into ‘co-creation’ should not be feared – but embraced and to innovate with.