China: Engaging Kids in China and Beyond

Explore the art of storytelling by looking at successful global case studies that connect with audiences in the East and the West. 

China’s growing international content is evolving fast, and engaging with kids in China and beyond. 

Content makers around the world are inspired by the heritage of storytelling from China to connect more deeply with the local audience. How do you give a modern twist to ancient stories and make it appealing to a global contemporary audience from East to West? 

Three experts in China share their latest successful East / West projects, including the LEGO Group’s phenomenal ‘Monkie Kid’, inspired by the legendary ‘Monkey King and the Journey to the West’.

We are also taking a deep dive into the influential Chinese content platforms iQiYi and Tencent who are major players on the international stage. The Chinese producers will share their current global projects, with insights into both the local and global market, what they have achieved in the past few years and how they see the landscape in the future.

Connect more deeply with China, and take-away information and insights on business and partnerships with key players.