Adaptation: Expanding the Brand

How spin-offs, from comics to games and beyond, can help big brands endure across the decades – and other top tips to keep a franchise fresh.

There are many huge brands in children’s media, and some of them have now been around for decades. The children who watched ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ or played with Transformers toys when these brands launched are often now parents themselves. So how do ongoing franchises like these endure across the decades? One possible route is certainly spinning off a brand into other forms: videogames, cartoons, comics, and more. With industry experts, we’ll examine the options, look at some big success stories, and consider how their histories might be useful for people building a brand from the ground up today. Reinventions and reboot will feature, and licensed properties that still feel original, and what it’s like to see your creations incorporated into a brand’s wider “lore”.