CMC Spring Webinars

From March – June 2021, The CMC presented monthly free webinars, with the usual rich mix of CMC content to keep industry professionals informed and connected.



Production in the Time of Corona

Friday 26th March 2021, 3-4pm GMT

Case studies revealed how productions in a variety of genres have handled the blocks, challenges, demands and logistical leaps to not only keep going but in some cases respond to the crisis itself. We explored working under official Covid conditions and discovered how some shows have improved their relationship with the audience as a result of the changes they had to make.

The four case studies looked at the different approaches to making great content over the last twelve months despite restrictions and lockdowns. Eve Hebditch from Blue Zoo told us how animation moved to an entirely remote setting and the challenges they found not being able to collaborate in person with Magic Light on their brand new animation for Milkshake, ‘Pip & Posy’.

Chris Rogers from Fresh Start Media shared the story of having to repurpose the Sky Kids news show FYI into a COVID safe production and how a specially designed video conferencing system has opened FYI to having more contributors and has changed the make-up of the show permanently.

JJ Johnson from Sinking Ship explained why, when everybody else was stopping production in the Live Action sector, he decided to make a show anyway, creating, filming and editing the YouTube Originals series Lockdown entirely remotely. We also heard from Saara Chaudry who plays Nira in the show on making a TV show in your own house with your family pitching in, in the absence of a crew.

Vanessa Amberleigh from BBC Children’s talked about going back to the drawing board on the CBeebies Panto and how a live theatre show was repurposed into a brand new show that would still feel like the high point of the year, despite having to lose the audience and keep the cast and crew socially distanced.

China Connect

Wednesday 21 April 2021, 9-10.30am BST

Our webinar with key Chinese platforms, producers and distributors explored the current state of the Chinese animation market, what the market is looking for and how it plans to progress. Read more here

Maximising Content Impact

Friday 21st May 2021, 3-4pm BST

Content creators and distributors are finding and serving their audiences on Roblox, Fortnite, TikTok – as well as YouTube and the streaming services.

This session explored how children – the Metaverse natives – interact with the different platforms they’re watching and participating on. The panel discussed how producers can gain an understanding of kids’ media consumption and where the opportunities are across platforms, to broadcast, promote, and create a space and opportunity for kids to interact with content.

With speakers Sam Harris (Hook Research), children’s media consultant Eric Huang, Nellie McQuinn (Moonbug Entertainment) and Sarah Owen (BBC Children’s).

Produced by Alison Foster and Lizzie Wingham, Tiny Dinosaur.

Get In and Get On – with The Children’s Media Conference

Friday 18th June 2021, 3.30-5pm BST

Speakers from children’s and youth media joined us for this interactive session, and delegates discovered how children’s media companies make the content you see. Find out career opportunities and tips on getting in and getting on.

Designed especially for first-timers and newcomers to the children’s media sector, this webinar demystified the creative industry and provide practical information on what opportunities are out there to help you to Get In and Get On.

Have you ever been curious about a career in the media sector, but just don’t know where to get started? Then this practical, quick fire session we will outline a variety of roles and career options out there for you… We all have to start somewhere, so why not start at the CMC!

With speakers Sarah Baynes (The Creative Garden), Annika Bluhm (DreamWorks), Navi Lamba (E4), Mikkel Lee (LEGO), Maxwell Afolabi Orginni (Warner Bros), Gary Pope (Kids Industries), Paula Poveda-Urrutia (Line Producer), Nigel Twumasi (mayamada) and Kristina Yee (Screenwriter).

Hosted by Broadcaster Fayon Dixon (Broadcaster)
Produced by Lindsey Adams, Daily Madness Productions.

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