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Opening Address and Keynote

iPlay, You Make, We Share Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children’s looks at the future of kids and young people’s content at the BBC including: the new on-demand iPlay service for kids; how the digital provision will create potential opportunities for producers; and how animation can make the most of those opportunities.


Showcase 1

Beyond Flesh and Blood Pixelbomb Games is a full video games studio based in Manchester. The company is currently creating ‘Beyond Flesh and Blood’, an agile mech shooter for PC, VR and Console game set entirely in the city, 200 years in the future. The game will be available across all major platforms in 2016.


Panel 1

Innovation in Tech, Process and Workflow The first panel of the day examines how technology does – and doesn’t – support the work of storytellers. What delights and frustrates the panellists about the technology they use for everyday business and creative tasks – ranging from the specialised like Dragonframe or the Adobe suite – to the consumer tools that we all use like Dropbox, Skype, wikis and YouTube. Speakers will also aim to do some future-gazing, discuss whether new tools like Slack are going to help, and ask what we’d ideally like the tech to be doing for us. Contributions…


Showcase 2

Research: Play, Apps, Habits and Stats  Up-to-date academic research on the viewing habits of young people from Professor Jackie Marsh, expert in children and digital literacy.  



A Dictionary of Content Finance Hear how one of the industry’s most successful entrepreneurs achieves his goals, and what he has learned on the way. Neil Court is Executive Chairman of Canadian company 9 Story Media Group, which recently acquired Brown Bag Films. Neil also co-founded Nelvana Enterprises in 1987 and co-founded Decode Entertainment in 1997.


Panel 2

Free Money? Fund and Flow New commissioning and fundraising strategies to develop and exploit IP and monetise content.


Showcase 3

Made in Manchester Motion North, the collective gathering for designers, animators, filmmakers and vfx artists present the ‘Manimation Showreel’ – the very best of Manchester animation and motion design.


Panel 3

Training and Skills: Gaps, Levies and Commitments Recruitment is one of the hot topics in the animation industry right now. This timely discussion looks at the roots of, and solutions to, recruitment problems, with special emphasis on schools, pre-Higher Education and apprenticeships.


Showcase 4

Cubic Motion - Facial Capture Cubic Motion, based in Manchester, worked with Cloud Imperium Games and 3lateral to create the Admiral Bishop character, played by Gary Oldman, for the PC game ‘Squadron 42’. This presentation will walk you through the pipeline and processes that put a Hollywood A-lister into the Star Citizen universe. https://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/squadron42


Showcase 5

Wool – the Final Frontier A case study of the creative process behind the ‘Clangers’ remake.



LEGO Jurassic World: Collaboration on a Gaming Blockbuster Collaborating on a gaming blockbuster: how two local studios (TT Games and Studio Liddell) animated one of the year’s biggest video games.



The closing includes a briefing on the following one-to-one meetings that are available to Manimation delegates.


Manimation Masterclass

Thunderbirds Are Go! A presentation on ITV Studio’s current remake of Thunderbirds and the process of updating one of the most iconic British shows for a modern audience.