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Post event reports from Manimation 2015

Available from 19.11.15


Manimation '15 Report - A Dictionary of Content Finance

Posted on: Thursday 19 November 2015 3:26pm by Kath Shackleton

Speaker: Neil Court (9Story Media) Neil is a media entrepreneur with 28 year's experience - a serial investor setting up companies and buying into others. He is Executive Chairman of Canadian company 9 Story Media Group, which recently acquired Brown Bag Films. Neil also co-founded Nelvana Enterprises in 1987 and co-founded Decode Entertainment in 1997. He's been through highs and lows with great success, but with a failure 6 years ago which left him feeling that the children's media market wasn't for him. He took time out, started a few non-kids businesses but then met Brown Bag in Dublin and joined…

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Manimation '15 Report - Free Money? Fund and Flow

Posted on: Thursday 19 November 2015 9:48pm by Kath Shackleton

Rosemary Klein  (Compact Media Group) Introduced the session and asked "Is there any such thing as free money?" Christopher Halliday  (BFI) The BFI want to make sure you get money for your animation production from the UK tax system  - yes really!  They are doing all that they can to help you to claim what you are entitled to and can help all productions big and small. You can get up to 25% of your budget back from 80% of your production budget. Lots of information about how to qualify (and they really have made it as easy as humanly possible to apply) Everything…

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Manimation '15 Report - Opening Keynote: iPlay, You Make, We Share

Posted on: Tuesday 17 November 2015 10:00pm by Kath Shackleton

Manimation 2015 opened with great excitement in the spectacular new facilities of  Home Manchester, produced in collaboration with Manchester's new Animation Festival, hosted by Andy Wyatt head of the new animation course from Manchester Metropolitan University and Chair of the new Manimation Advisory Committee. Andy thanked the funders - MIDAS and the other partner organisations. The aim of Manimation is a knowledge exchange event celebrating the diverse work in the region, bringing together children's television content, VisFx, new media, games and technology with a combination of panel discussions, presentations and showcases. The Opening Keynote by Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children's was really…

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Manimation '15 Report - Training and Skills: Gaps, Levies and Commitments

Posted on: Tuesday 24 November 2015 11:01pm by Kath Shackleton

This was a lively panel discussion exploring solutions to recruitment problems, including schools, pre-Higher Education and apprenticeships. Belinda Peach (Peachy Media) introduced the session. This a really exciting time for the animation and VFX industries.  However, recruitment remains a big issue.  47% of companies in our sector are struggling to recruit new talent compared to just 5% in other sectors. Jean Flynn (CHF Entertainment) Explained some of their difficulties at Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick in recruiting animation staff for children's TV series production in Manchester. Erica Clarke (Creative Skillset) Described her work across the North, with a wide range of employers and educators…

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Manimation '15 Report - Wool: The Final Frontier

Posted on: Thursday 19 November 2015 9:54pm by Kath Shackleton

Mole Hill Co-Director ‘Clangers’ (Coolabi/Factory) What a joy to see a remake of an old classic dare I say to be almost better than the original! "Less like designing a show, more like refurbishing a grade 1 listed building" Clearly made with great love and care. When Factory approached Mole Hill about co-directing 'The Clangers' with Chris Titchborne, it was not without a hint of trepidation that they took it on. He loved the show as a child, and went about re-watching all the episodes. Peter Firmin, now aged 85 was very much involved and kept everyone to task, and Oliver Postgate's…

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Manimation '15 Report – Cubic Motion: Facial Capture

Posted on: Thursday 19 November 2015 5:43pm by Tom Jordan

Speaker: David Barton (Cubic Motion) Takeaway: Cubic Motion, based in Manchester, worked with Cloud Imperium Games and 3lateral to create the Admiral Bishop character, played by Gary Oldman, for the forthcoming Star Citizen/Squadron 42 game. Detail: David Barton, producer for Cubic Motion, guided delegates through the intricate, laborious and highly technical process of turning an actor’s performance into an animated game character. Cubic Motion are one of a number of north-west based outfits currently involved in production on a game called 'Star Citizen', which is due for release in 2016 and features actors including Gillian Anderson, Mark Hamill, Mark Strong,…

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Manimation '15 Report – Innovation in Tech, Process and Workflow

Posted on: Thursday 19 November 2015 3:10pm by Tom Jordan

Speakers: Gareth Williams (YellowDog) Wes Wood (ITV) Sarah Worcester (Motion Graphics) Tony Churnside (Knowledge Transfer Network) Moderator/producer: Steve Sharman (Hackthorn Innovation) Takeaway: Discussion on how technology does – and doesn’t – support the work of storytellers Creatives discussed how the ever-increasing raft of technology is hard to keep track of, and keep up to date with Software developers talked about how it is important to create tools with the end user in mind Audience members raised their concerns about the difficulty of smaller companies being able to have tailored tools developed for them There was a consensus between creative and…

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Manimation '15 Report – LEGO Jurassic World

Posted on: Thursday 19 November 2015 5:50pm by Tom Jordan

Speakers: Ian Liddell (Studio Liddell); David Brown (Traveller’s Tales) Producer: Simon Smith (thumbfood) Collaborating on a gaming blockbuster: how two local studios (TT Games and Studio Liddell) animated one of the year’s biggest video games. Takeaway: Collaborating can bring extra layers to a production and help the creative process Choosing partners who have a similar vision and ethos is really important Good organisation and setting up a workable process before the project starts is the key. Detail: Ian Liddell, director of Manchester-based Studio Liddell, began the talk by highlighting what he felt were the essentials of a strong collaborative partnership…

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Manimation '15 Report – Made in Manchester

Posted on: Thursday 19 November 2015 3:37pm by Tom Jordan

Speaker: Jonathan Ashworth (Mighty Giant) Takeaway: Motion North, the collective gathering for designers, animators, filmmakers and vfx artists presented the ‘Manimation Showreel’ – the very best of Manchester animation and motion design. Motion North: The Best Bits from Mighty Giant on Vimeo. Detail: Jonny Ashworth introduced Motion North, a collective which started six years ago as an extension of a conversation in a pub, and now puts together regular showcase reels of the diverse range of quality animation from Manchester and the wider northern region. The ever-expanding group meets every couple of months, and often has guest speakers from key…

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Manimation '15 Report – Masterclass: Thunderbirds Are Go!

Posted on: Thursday 19 November 2015 11:33pm by Tom Jordan

Takeaway: The new Thunderbirds aimed to retain the DNA of the original, but combine it with more modern production techniques: CGI characters and handmade sets and vehicles Working with a partner (New Zealand’s Weta) who understood what audiences loved about the original was essential High value was placed on sound, including a talented voice cast and big orchestral score The target audience was multigenerational Detail: Giles Ridge took delegates through the stages involved in remaking the Gerry Anderson puppet classic 'Thunderbirds', including how they dealt with the challenge of keeping the essence of the original while updating certain aspects of…

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Manimation '15 Report – Research: Play, Apps, Habits and Stats

Posted on: Thursday 19 November 2015 3:16pm by Tom Jordan

Speaker: Jackie Marsh (University of Sheffield) Producer: Helen Brunsdon (Producer/Consultant) Takeaway: Up-to-date academic research on the viewing habits of young people from Professor Jackie Marsh, expert in children and digital literacy. Age range of study is 0-5. Research took the form of a survey of 2000 parents and carers, case studies of 6 families, and was carried out in conjunction with Sheffield and Edinburgh universities, CBeebies, Dubit, Foundling Bird and Monteney Primary School, Sheffield. Detailed findings and figures are available to download from Detail: Professor Jackie Marsh pulled out some highlights from her Technology and Play (TAP) research about…

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Manimation ‘15 Report – Beyond Flesh and Blood

Posted on: Thursday 19 November 2015 12:56pm by Tom Jordan

Speakers: John Kavanagh and Seb McBride (Pixelbomb Games) Producer: Simon Smith (thumbfood) Takeaway: Pixelbomb Games is a full video games studio based in Manchester. The company is currently creating ‘Beyond Flesh and Blood’, an agile mech shooter for PC, VR and Console game set entirely in the city, 200 years in the future. Setting the game in Manchester showcases the city for the first time in a video game. The game will be available across all major platforms in 2016. Detail: Pixelbomb is an indie games developer based in Manchester, founded in 2011 by a collection of developers with the…

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