Jules Coke
Managing Director

33 Parkgate Road
SW11 4NP


Email:  jules.coke@squintopera.com

Tel: 44 (0)20 7978 7788
New York Contact:


Jules is co- founder and Managing director of Squint/opera ltd, an international CGI design company with 40 staff in UK, Australia, Brazil and UAE. Squint/opera is producing OKIDO (52 x 11′) – a mixed media show for pre-school children aged 3-5yrs, which has just been commissioned by CBeebies for transmission 2014/2015. The series stars Messy, a little blue monster who lives under your bed, and in every episode he has a big ‘Why?’ to solve.  He travels to the the land of OKIDO where he meets the twins Zoe and Felix and together they search for adventure and answers to Messy’s questions.  The series aims to ‘make fun’ of science by reuniting art and science for kids aged 3-5 and is based on the quarterly magazines of the same name which have been published in the UK for 5 years.

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