Picture Lock Music

Anne Miller

1 Park View Road

Email: anne@picturelockmusic.com

Tel: + 44 1442 866440
New York Contact: +44 7714 216676


Picture Lock Music is a new production music library working with some of the most dynamic producers and composers in television. The library has over 17,000 tracks – a library designed to bring fresh, original new music to the world of television and film. This is music for the adventurous, for those looking for something different, who appreciate that music is not just an afterthought but a key part of the whole production.

The library is led by Anne Miller, a highly experienced music publisher with extensive experience in the children’s field having published the music for such classics as Teletubbies, Boohbah and Rosie & Jim. As well as using the music in children’s productions the library can help create animatics, teasers and pilots thus saving development costs. In addition to working with many children’s production companies Anne looks after interests of many leading children’s composers. The library is constantly expanding with several children’s albums currently in development.

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