L Raymond Whittinger
Executive Producer, MD

Dar as Salaam
Horley Road
Charlwood, Near Horley

Email: contact@lookman.biz

Tel: +44 1293 862293
New York Contact: +44 7926 184297

Twitter: @Lookman_

Blog: http://4lookman.wordpress.com
Other: www.facebook.com/LookmanFilmAndAnimation

Lookman Ltd creates and develops engaging children’s animated television series. We also produce internationally and generate high concept screenplays across all audience profiles. Who is Henrietta? launched at MIP Junior 2012, is a truly uniquely innovative comedy in 3D, 22’ x 13. “It is not easy to conceal your alien friends in a small town, especially if one is a scatty shape shifting alien, and the other is a violin-playing trickster who dresses like a leprechaun.”

Mihte Lugh features the youthful Celtic hero Lugh. “A boy dreams of being a superhero and is abducted with his siblings into the Underworld. There his dreams are fulfilled when five kids defend the Underworld from the dread Lord of Annihilation, Balor.”

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