Jayne Kirkham

Jayne Kirkham
Freelance Writer

Manor Lodge
GL11 6BQ

Email: Jayne@jaynekirkham.com

Tel: +44 1453 451248
New York Contact: +44 771 1568 661

Skype: Jayne.Kirkham


Jayne took up writing at the age of three with a blue crayon on the front porch. It is still her favourite style. Her work has been broadcast on television, radio, and screened at film festivals. Her script consultancy has helped a range of projects from American independent features to international charity projects. Having worked with all sorts of children, including those with special educational needs and young offenders for most of her life, Jayne’s writing is imaginative and adventurous, bringing warmth and heart to tough thematic content and putting the art back in fart. Her current commission is for a live action feature film based on the award winning Gussie novels about a child needing a heart transplant. Jayne is keen to meet and work with producers on both new, established and her own original projects for both live action and animation.

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