Clifton Village Productions

Richard Higgs & Debbie Smith
Co producers

17 Swiss Road
Ashton Vale


Tel: +44 1494 758779
New York Contact: +44 796737 6565

Clifton Village Productions Ltd. was set up in 2009 by Debbie Smith (a longstanding, freelance design sculptor with Aardman Animations) and Richard Higgs (an Emmy award winning TV designer) to develop a 52 x 10′ stop-frame and CGI animation series for pre-school. Clifton Village is based around the amazing adventures of 4 year old Lily Bell and her rag-a-puffin, Bill. This is storytelling, containing bags of humour and visual gags. Each episode provides a world of learning opportunities for Lily and Bill, with a host of eclectic characters, from the antique shop owner to the zookeeper. Core values include community, compassion and respect, whilst giving an insight into the lives, languages and cultures of the cosmopolitan neighbourhood they inhabit. We are bringing to Kidscreen an animated extract, fully developed main characters, series bible, sample script, episode format and series budget. At Kidscreen, we are seeking to make contact with broadcasters, international co-producers, distributors and merchandising companies.

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