UK@Kidscreen 2013

CMC organised the UK Trade and Investment supported delegation to Kidscreen in association with the Creative Garden and sponsored by Laughing Gravy Media.

The Kidscreen Summit took place from the 5th – 8th February 2013 at the Hilton New York. It’s a conference and a market which over 350 buyers and commissioners attend.  In all there were 1600 delegates at the 2012 Summit, representing 42 different territories. Kidscreen offers a global perspective on children’s media, and brings together the key influencers under one roof – especially those from the North American market.

UK@Kidscreen TableTalks 2013

UK@Kidscreen Delegation Brochure 2013

The delegation comprised around 50 individuals from 32 companies.  The delegation was based at the UK@Kidscreen meeting tables in the Delegates’ Lounge at the Hilton.  Contact details for individual members of the delegation can be found on their profiles.

1973 Films
Absolutely Cuckoo
Accorder Music Publishing
Adair Digital
Animal Vegetable Mineral
Animation Tunes
Boom Pictures Productions
Bright Box Creative
Clifton Village Productions
Compact Media Group
Darrall Macqueen
Deepwater Blue
Dog Ears
Factory Transmedia
Flickerpix Animations
Flix Facilities
Fun Crew Ltd
Gardiner Entertainment Ltd
Happy Films
Jayne Kirkham
Jollywise Media
Kindle Entertainment
Laughing Gravy Media
MCC Media
Nutmeg Animations
Picture Lock Music
Pluto Entertainments Ltd
Red Hat Animation Ltd
Red Kite Animation
Smart Party
Team Cooper
The Creative Garden
The Children’s Media Conference
Tiger Aspect Productions
Visible Ink Television

To contact the UK@Kidscreen delegation, email: or call+44 7714 708986

Members of the delegation were welcome to join the UK@Kidscreen 2013 LinkedIn Group.


Delegation Package
  • CMC organises the entire UK@Kidscreen delegation with the Creative Garden (not including flights and accommodation in New York)
  • CMC Editorial Director Greg Childs and The Creative Garden Creative Director Sarah Baynes are in support before and during the Summit
  • Staff from the UKTI New York office provide “on the ground” introductions and industry insight
  • The package includes Registration for the Kidscreen Summit at the maximum discounted rate of $1150
  • A pre-event briefing in London in December, with expert advice and top tips for exploiting the Summit
  • Your company or personal name listed in an advertisement in Kidscreen magazine – just prior to the event
  • Your profile on the delegation website and in the brochure to be provided at the event (See last year’s as an example)
  • The UK@Kidscreen delegation has a “base” at Kidscreen, with three  dedicated tables bookable for meetings (vital as so many delegates are competing for somewhere to sit!)
  • An exclusive knowledge-building breakfast with specialists in the North American market
  • An even more exclusive networking reception for UK@Kidscreen delegation members to meet international influencers and buyers.  (It’s the hot Kidscreen ticket as it takes place in the Consul’s Residence – where the Princes stay when they are in New York).

The full delegation package cost is £315 per person + VAT at 20%

The CMC is partnered with The Creative Garden to run the 2013 UK@Kidscreen Delegation, with financial and on the ground support from UK Trade and Investment

PLUS – many participants in the delegation will be eligible for a £500 grant from UKTI to offset costs. Check your eligibility and apply using this form.  Send the completed form to:

Benefits in Detail
  • Prominent profile listing in a full-page advertisement for the UK Delegation in Kidscreen magazine
  • Profile on the UK@Kidscreen website and in a glossy brochure distributed to Kidscreen attendees.
  • Bookable spaces for meetings. 3 tables available throughout the show in the main meeting space at the Hilton dedicated to UK@Kidscreen delegates use only. They also provides a focus and meeting point. They’re vital as Kidscreen has so many delegates searching for space to meet.
  • Knowledge-gathering breakfast This event offers an insight into the state of play in the Children’s Media Market “across the pond”. Speakers will take delegates  through the US and Canadian broadcasting landscape – who is looking for what and how deals are being done. Other speakers will clarify how new media is integrating itself into the food chain and what opportunities there might be for UK companies.
  • Reception An exclusive evening event for UK@Kidscreen Delegation participants to meet US influencers and buyers. Away from the crowds of other producers this is an opportunity to speak to people who can make a difference to your business future. New people and new opportunities.
  • Market support
    Mentors available for those individuals and companies who would like to ensure they are ready for market.
























































Financial Package
Total Payment to CMC £315 + VAT at 20%This payment entitles the delegate to a full Kidscreen delegate pass at the significantly discounted rate of $1150, ($400 lower than Kidscreen’s current price). After registering for the delegation,  you will receive a discount code which will allow you to book directly with Kidscreen on their booking website. PLUS: invitations to the pre-briefing,  breakfast, evening reception, profile publication, access to the meeting tables and to CMC and Creative Garden staff throughout. Travel and accommodation are not covered in this fee.

SME’s participating in the delegation will be eligible for a £500 grant from UKTI to offset costs. Check your eligibility and apply using this form.  Send the completed form to:

See UK@Kidscreen 2012 for information on last year’s UK@Kidscreen (also organised by CMC in association with The Creative Garden)