International Exchange 2015

Weds 1 July 2015

Now Sold Out

Go to Meeting Mojo and click on Search in the top menu to see the list of buyers signed up to The International Exchange. For a spotlight on selected buyers, click here.

The International Exchange  returns on Wednesday 1 July and is a must for anyone looking for international sales, partnerships or project funding.International Exchange

The CMC is inviting a range of broadcasters, co-producers, funders and investors from across the world ready to meet sellers of content and services.

If you are a seller you will be able to upload your own profile and book your own dedicated meeting table at the Exchange.

Why should you attend the International Exchange?

If you are producing, distributing or have services to sell – e.g. consultancy, composing, writing:

  • Register for the International Exchange when you register for the conference.
  • Select your meeting strand: A.M. (9.30-12.45pm)  or P.M. (1.45-5pm).
  • If you have a query or need advice contact
  • Receive your invitation to the bespoke meetings system.International Exchange 2014
  • Upload your profile with company information and projects.  The more effective your profile, the more meetings you’ll achieve.
  • Contact international broadcasters, co-producers and investors via our exclusive online meeting-booking system to invite them to one-to-one meetings on 1 July.
  • We can’t guarantee your meeting request will be accepted, but contact us if you have a question or need advice.
  • Meet and pitch to international broadcasters, co-producers and investors at your own dedicated meeting table.
  • Lunch, tea, coffee and free wifi are all included in the price.

If you are an international broadcaster, co-producer or investor:

  • Find new talent, ideas, projects from the UK market.
  • Find co-production partners for your projects in development.
  • Meet the entire UK kids content community in three days
  • Take part in the conference on Weds evening, Thursday & Friday where you will experience inspirational sessions, compelling keynotes and productive networking.Tim Goodchild

For more information contact:

The International Exchange takes place in the beautifully light and airy Millennium Gallery.