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Catch up on content from CMC 2015

Video 2015

Opening Keynote: Michael Stevens
Creative Keynote: Jenny Sealey

Raheem Anwar
Guilherme Coelho
Seb Gallop
Alex Heron
Laura Payne
Dan Pearce
Beth Reekles
Sean Spooner

Changing Channels: Commissioner Conversation with the BBC
Changing Channels: Commissioner Conversation with Disney
Changing Channels: Commissioner Conversation with Nickelodeon
Changing Channels: Commissioner Conversation with Turner
Changing Platforms
Closing Keynote: One More Thing
It Takes Two
Opening Session: Game Change
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Research 1 – Children’s Media Use: A Changing World (Alison Preston, Ofcom)
Research 2 – Sm(all) Change (Fiona Scott, University of Sheffield)
Research 3 – Little Miss Understood (Ben Frost, The Pineapple Lounge)
Research 4 – All change? Scooby-Doo, where are you? Still here….! (Jo Cliff, Platypus Research & James Davies, Childwise)
Research 5 – Beyond Pink vs. Blue (Dr Maya Götz, IZI)
Research 6 – Has Digital Changed Play? (Dr Barbie Clarke, Family, Kids and Youth)
Research 7 – When More is More (Maurice Wheeler, Little Big Partnership)
Research 8 – Um Hello.  we’re Changing. Why aren’t you? (Alan Hathaway and Renuka Gupta, Discovery Research).
Research 9 – Exploring Online Identity with Neuroscience (Sonia Joao, Oxy Insight, and Dr Erman Misirlisoy, Praedico)

Podcasts 2015

Brands and Learning
Brand Overlay
Changemaker: Stella Duffy
Changing Channels: Commissioning Conversation with the Celtic Commissioners
Changing Channels: Commissioner Conversation with the Publishers
Children’s Film – Adapt or Kill?
Converging Careers
EdTech Futures
Finance Lab
From Tokenism to Truthful
Learning: A Land of Opportunity?
Learning by App
Licensed to Thrill
Maker Studios Masterclass
Play, Make and Share: Inspiring Creativity
Research 1: Children’s Media Use – A changing World
Research 2: Sm(all) Change
Research 3: Little Miss Understood
Research 4: Scooby Do Where are you? Still Here
Research 5: Beyond Pink or Blue
Research 6: Has digital Changed Play?
Research 7:  When More is More. Understanding children’s Media Choice Process
Research 8: Um Hello, we’re Changing. Why aren’t you?
Research 9: Online identity and Neuroscience
Storytelling: the Pre-school Parent Trap
Take a Break
The Business of Digital
The Great Disruption: Is Kids TV Going OTT?
The Web We Want
What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Blogs 2015

Visit here for the A-Z blog reports for each session.

Powerpoint Highlights 2015

PowerPoint presentations can be accessed via the session description pages.

Photo Highlights 2015

Photos of every session are on our Flickr site.


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