International Exchange 2014

Weds 2 July 2014

Heart FlagsThe International Exchange is now over for 2014.

Recent additions:

UK Trade & Investment advisors from India, New York, and the UK.

To book meetings with the buyers and co-producers using our online booking system you need to have had bought a pass to the International Exchange.

Why should you have attended the International Exchange?

Please note this has now taken place

If you are producing, distributing or have services to sell – e.g. consultancy, composing, writing:

  • Register for the International Exchange when you register for the conference.
  • Select your meeting strand: A.M. (9.30-12.30pm)  or P.M. (2-5pm).  You will have a total of 12 meeting slots.
  • If you have a query or need advice contact
  • Int Ex 3 2013Receive your invitation to the bespoke meetings system.
  • Upload your profile with company information and projects.  The more effective your profile, the more meetings you’ll achieve.
  • Contact international broadcasters, co-producers and investors via our exclusive online meeting-booking system to invite them to one-to-one meetings on 2 July.
  • We can’t guarantee your meeting request will be accepted, but contact us if you have a question or need advice.
  • Meet and pitch to international broadcasters, co-producers and investors at your own dedicated meeting table.
  • Lunch, tea, coffee and free wifi are all included in the price.

If you are an international broadcaster, co-producer or investor:

  • Int Ex 2013Find new talent, ideas, projects from the UK market.
  • Find co-production partners for your projects in development.
  • Meet the entire UK kids content community in three days
  • Take part in the conference on Weds evening, Thursday & Friday where you will experience inspirational sessions, compelling keynotes and productive networking.

For more information contact:

The International Exchange took place in the Millennium Gallery.