All the available content from CMC 2013 can be found in the list below:


The 2013 Opening Keynote by Frank Cottrell Boyce was widely acknowledged as one of the best ever.  Watch the full 45 minute speech in HD.

The Creative Keynote at CMC2013 was given by Jeff ‘Swampy” Marsh – co -creator of Phineas and Ferb.  Watch the full 1 hour and 8 minute presentation in HD

Delegates who experienced the thoroughly entertaining final session of the Conference were buzzing about the issues it raised as they made their way home.  Check out the Catherine Bennett story in this full video of what happened…  Catherine Bennett closes CMC 2013 

To relive the shock and awe of  10th anniversary party “cabaret” CMC OMG!!! – look no further

Research Revisited

Research 1. Expanding the reach of Heritage Brands Online
Peter Robinson, Head of Research, Dubit
Re-purposing retro brands with new audience needs and new platforms in mind.

Research 4. Contented Content Consumers?
Martina Chapman, Senior Research Manager, Ofcom.
How children interact with TV, what’s important to them in a rapidly changing landscape, with some surprising results.

Research 5.  Taking a Byte of the Teacher’s Apple
David Kleeman, Playvangelist at Play Science
David delivered Alison Bryant’s Olay Science presentation on the state of layful learning across platforms today.

Research 7. The Next Generation Doesn’t Think the Way we do
Renuka Gupta,  Research Consultant Discovery Research & Alan Hathaway, MD Discovery Research
“Without the internet I would die, it would be so unfair I would find a hole and live in it.”

Presenting the Presentations

Top Ten Predictions for the Future of Children’s Media
Presented as part of the opening “Are We There Yet” Session
David Kleeman, Playvangelist at Play Science

Ten Game Design Principles for the Next Ten Years
Dr Carla Fisher actually outlines 11 –  she’s a rule-breaker!

Ten Out Of Ten Over Fifty
David Kleeman’s top ten list of favourites from the last 50 years of the Prix Jeunesse – selected by luminaries of the UK kids industry.