Previews of Conference content and personalities, and reports from every session at CMC 2013


10 Game Design Principles for the Next 10 Years

Posted on: Sunday 30 June 2013 10:54am by Olivia Dickinson

#TCMC Producer Olivia Dickinson invites you to discover the 10 Game Design Principles for the Next 10 Years in Showroom Cinema 3 at 1 p.m. on Thursday, with Carla Engelbrecht Fisher,  from No Crusts Interactive. Are both our kids and technology getting ahead of us? Of course not - some things are universal, no matter what the platform or when they are applied. Come and explore game design principles and the developmental psychology behind them, getting a great foundation of kid-focused good design along the way, setting you up for the next 10 years. Carla Engelbrecht Fisher.... ....writes one of the most popular blogs for…

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A blogger's blog.

Posted on: Wednesday 26 June 2013 2:42pm by Jon Hancock

#TCMC Jon Hancock, Series Producer with CBeebies, will be returning again to the CMC as one of the blogging team. Here, Jon looks ahead to the conference, and back over his past year. Other members of the blogging team will be introducing themselves too in the run up to the conference in Sheffield.   I’ve worked in BBC Children’s for 13 years and in that time have had the pleasure of doing just about every type of Children’s TV there is.  Since last CMC I’ve been involved in “Mr Bloom’s Nursery: Get Set, Grow” – an ambitious series taking Mr Bloom…

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A bright future for kids?

Posted on: Saturday 29 June 2013 8:51am by Tim Jokl

#TCMC The Next 5 Years: Is the Future Bright for Children’s Media? Tim Jokl looks forward,,, Research Sessions 6 Thursday 4th July 2013 15:30 @ Showroom Cinema 1 Research Sessions 4 Friday 5th July 2013 14:00 @ Showroom Cinema 1 This research began early this year with CBeebies asking the clever types at BBC Research & Development what things might look like in 5 years’ time. A large chunk of our audience was suddenly trying to access CBeebies via Tablets. It got us wondering if other shifts were creeping up on us. We began a conversations with dozens of BBC Technologists about Tablets, Smartphones, IPTV, Games, HTML5, Storytelling, Apps, even…

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A new kid on the block.

Posted on: Saturday 29 June 2013 8:55pm by Jan Leventhall

#TCMC Jan Leventhall is one of the blogging team who will be offering all the best bits from the CMC over the next week. The team's blogs will be a great way to catch up on sessions which you couldn't get to. Hello there – my name is Jan and I may be the oldest new kid on the block at the CMC.  This is my first time blogging and my first time at the conference as it didn’t exist when I last worked in media production!  After a 20 year career as a researcher, script editor, and development executive…

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A slice of last night's Delegate Pizza evening!

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 12:38pm by Samuel Hutchinson

#TCMC "Good laughs and a lot of yummy pizza eaten by all! A great chance to catch up with old friends and make a lot more new ones." - Georgia Ball (Conference Assistant). No top 10 takeaways this time. Although, if I were to fashion a list of top 10 pizza toppings, I'm fairly certain that egg wouldn't make the cut! However, the egg pizza (or whatever it's called) appears to to be the only variety at which the delegates of the Children's Media Conference will turn their noses up, as everything else disappeared before it even had chance to…

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An Idiot Abroad

Posted on: Sunday 07 July 2013 4:41pm by John Kent

#TCMC An idiot abroad is a phrase that has resonance for  John Kent. But enough about family holidays.  This session was about working with international co-producers. And the panel thoughtfully provided their own list of takeaways, reproduced here: Top Ten (well twenty) Takeaways DO Do make yourself visible online – update your credits on IMDb and LinkedIn Do Cyberstalk – Know your co-pro partner’s channel brands, haunt their websits and view their shows on YouTube Do get to know the top 5 that everyone in your partner’s country knows, but other conuntries won’t have heard of. Books, TV, movie… then…

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An Idiot Abroad.

Posted on: Wednesday 26 June 2013 8:41pm by Rachel Murrell

#TCMC. Rachel Murrell is the producer for this session on how to tackle the creative challenges of International co-production. Here she explains why this could be a crucial session for you at the CMC. We all know coproduction is about compromise, and we expect some wheeling with our dealing. But what about the editorial side? What happens to the script when the writer comes from one territory, the script editor from another, and the broadcasters from three more? This session is about the creative challenges of international co-production. Not deals. Not points. Just scripts. It will explore the panelists' recent…

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Are We There Yet?

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 3:22pm

A 10th birthday opportunity to reflect on changes over the past 10 years and look forward to the next ten years. Blogged by Jan Leventhall Showroom Cinema 4&3 Thursday 4 July 9.30 – 10.30 What the audience had to say: “What was great about the session was it started to address a range of issues that will be explored in more detail at the other sessions in the conference.’’ Anon “A good primer to wake up the brain for the day.  Fun and interesting.”  Chris and Jamie from Karrot Entertainment “It’s our first time here and first talk.  A great introduction.…

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Astrophysicist expands his horizons at CMC

Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 1:05pm by David Ault

#TCMC What brings an astrophysicist to the conference? David Ault explains. Hi, I'm David Ault and I'm very excited to be coming to the CMC this year as a blogger. I'm just finishing my time directing The Big Bang East Midlands and West Midlands, helping young people get enthused in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and am looking forward to what comes next. My weekends are generally taken up with storytelling in theatres across the country, doing astronomy podcasting, or voice acting for internet-based audiodrama. My desire to come to the CMC comes from wanting to develop my own…

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BAFTA Creative Masterclass: Making Comedy History with ‘Horrible Histories’

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 12:55pm by Jon Hancock

#TCMC Blogged by: Jon Hancock. BAFTA Creative Masterclass: Making Comedy History with ‘Horrible Histories’ “Funniest session yet – which is lucky for a masterclass in comedy!” Lucy Froggatt, BBC Worldwide “HH is also a massive hit in Latin America too!” Nathan Waddington BBC Worldwide Top takeaways: I’m supposed to get to 10, but I’m a bit daunted about that, so here’s what I like to call: Hancock’s Half Dozen. • 25 million copies of the books have been sold. • There are 62 facts in every episode! • Since the series has been out there has been a 30% rise in…

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Children's Apps: Top 10 Trends

Posted on: Sunday 30 June 2013 11:39pm by Stuart Dredge

#TCMC 12.30 friday 5th July. Showroom Cinema 3. Stuart Dredge, whose producing Top 10 Trends in Children's Apps, has a warning to CMC delegates: don't assume every child has access to a smartphone or tablet in 2013, just because you work in the media industry – where everyone's child probably DOES have access to one.   According to Ofcom, 28% of 5-15 year-olds in the UK owned a smartphone in 2012, while 9% went online using a tablet. These devices are growing fast, but it's important not to get carried away with apps excitement. That said, pretty much every big…

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Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 1:22pm by Milly Ali

After 2 intensive conference days, it was finally time for the much anticipated 10th year anniversary party and it didn't disappoint! The free bar helped to get the party started before delegates packed the Hubs C Pod and were  entertained by the comedy double act Bob Golding and Glen Davies. It seemed Bob Golding had a score to settle with Director of Wish film Will Brenton who was suitably humiliated on stage dressed as a new tv character creation 'Benjie'. The classic pie in the face was a particularly memorable moment. Sid Sloane managed to get away from the queue…

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Posted on: Wednesday 26 June 2013 11:49pm by Mark Wilson

Our Musical Gala - Thursday 4th July from 10pm Circus tricks! An Elvis gig! And gags from Bob 'n' Glen! Drinks on the house and in the HUBS to celebrate... “Now we are 10”.  

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Come Out and Play

Posted on: Sunday 07 July 2013 4:04pm by John Kent

#TCMC. The Government reckons between 5 and 7% of the population are gay, and research tells us that most children know their sexual orientation by the age of 12. Is TV doing enough to reflect gay people? Top 10 Takeaways Most children know their sexuality by age 12. Gay characters are rarely featured in chldren's TV. Gay characters should become part of the landscape on TV, not an exceptoional feature When a gay couple were shown within a CBeebies show, no one objected Suicides are high amongst gay teenagers, because they don’t always feel ‘normal’ Everyone has a right to…

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Come out and Play.

Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 12:01pm by Julian Scott

Julian Scott says that in Microsoft Outlook the spell check doesn't offer suggestions for 'hmosexual' or 'lsebian'. On 4th July at 5:10pm in Cinema 2 we'll find out why and what we should be doing to change that.  Actually that's not exactly what we will be discussing, but its true about Outlook. We will, however, be looking at whether we are really reflecting the diversity of society in children's media when it comes to the inclusion of gay and lesbian characters and how we portray them.  Come out and play with us.

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Cracking Freemium For Kids

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 4:02pm by Samuel Hutchinson

#TCMC "Great to see so much disagreement. But positive too. It was a discussion about solving this ethically rather than squashing anything." Stuart Dredge (The Guardian). "Incredibly inspiring to see the Conference moving on to discussing these topics. Great forward thinking in addressing these matters." Rebecca Fitzgerald (eModeration). "Developers don't consider the real world contexts in which their games will be played enough. It would be great to see games that give kids back to their parents after a while! Oh, and hide the bodies." Mark. Producer: Charles Kriel (MD - 12 Stories Tall) Speakers: Dr Shirley Dent (Head of…

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Dumbing Down or Growing Up Too Fast

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 3:52pm by Samuel Hutchinson

#TCMC As a parent of 5-year-old twins, this was really helpful. The discussions concerning limitations for children in television and literature are day-to-day issues for me. Alexander Lentjes (3D Revolution Productions). My biggest concern around this issue is that no content is being produced for 11-year-old girls. They are forced to watch shows for older teen girls and they are not ready to take on board many of the themes.  Alix Wiseman (Aardman Animation). Top 10 takeaways Children have a desire to explore and discover, and this has to be realised in the television and theatre that they view and…

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Entering the Blob!

Posted on: Thursday 27 June 2013 9:35pm by Niel Bushnell

#TCMC Niel Bushnell is the latest member of the blogging team to look ahead to the CMC.... This is my first year as a blogger for the Children's Media Conference and, even before I've arrived, I'm exhausted! Too many late nights? Hardcore drink and drugs? Animation deadline looming with render glitches to fix? No, it's worse than that; I've just looked over the CMC timetable, and decisions make me very tired. I've been to the conference before, so I should really know what to expect. Even so it feels like I'm entering the jammy core of the Blob from the 1958…

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Entertainment – It’s Natural!

Posted on: Friday 28 June 2013 10:24am by Sai Pathmanathan

#TCMC   Sai Pathmanathan is producing a session which promises to be entertaining. Here's how that can help you as a children's producer, whatever your genre. 'Entertainment - It's Natural' is part of the Edutainment strand and stems from research where children have learnt real science from entertainment shows. We’ll be looking at the ways in which different media entertain children, while helping them learn about the natural world through gripping stories, gaming, interactive and hands-on elements, age-appropriate humour and eye-catching visuals. If you work in children’s television, games, educational media, or you’re an educationalist, writer, museum/gallery professional or just…

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Entertainment: It's Natural

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 2:59pm by David Ault

#TCMC An inspirational look at science programmes from various media platforms, enabling children to discover the natural world. Fantastic session - one of the best so far! Really well put together. Paul Taylor, Gunky Music. Very good, especially from an animal live camera and technology point of view, with a challenge to think about the story that goes with the pictures. Artem Tutov, Fountain Digital Labs Top Ten Takeaways: 1. Narrative is a powerful tool to deliver information. 2. Children are naturally inquisitive and are born loving the natural world. 3. We don't go to the zoo to read labels on cages;…

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Focus on China.

Posted on: Tuesday 02 July 2013 9:20am by Leanne Preston

#TCMC Leanne Preston is producing Focus on China - Wednesday 3rd 12:30pm in Hubs C. Leanne says... ......attend this session if you're a producer or distributor keen to get your content into China or creatives looking to work with Chinese companies. In this session we'll be looking at what content works well in the Chinese market with some case studies of properties that have travelled to China from the international landscape as well as successes in the local market. We'll also discuss current regulations preventing foreign content getting in to China and what to expect when working with Chinese companies. Lastly, we'll address the possibility of…

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Getting Children Listening

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 2:42pm by Dave Hill

#TCMC Getting Children Listening Blogged by Dave Hill "I wish people would give radio the credit it's due" David Holt, Freelance artist. "Since CBeebies Radio was created it's taken a couple of years to get to a place where we can talk about it with pride. Now we can do that. Children are finding it, numbers are increasing and it become a prized part of what CBeebies does. I'm really delighted that there was a session on it at CMC2013 to give it the priority it deserves." Alison Stewart, Head of Production, Animation and Acquisitions, CBeebies This was an interesting session,…

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Getting into the blogging habit.

Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 12:45pm

#TCMC The CMC offers valuable work experience to student volunteers, who's input is crucial to the conference. One such volunteer is Mandeep Kaur, who will be the editorial assistant to the blogging team. Here's what's she's looking forward to this week. My name is Mandeep and I am a Marketing Communications and Advertising student at Sheffield Hallam. When I'm not busy being a fun, socialable and hardworking student, I work part time at Boots The Pharmacy as a customer assistant. I am also currently a Social and Digital Marketing assistant at Fluent Communication and also undertaking an internship at Aardvark Swift as…

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Going for a Song

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 4:38pm by Dave Hill

Blogged by Dave Hill "It was great fun!" Adrew Viner, Freelance Writer "A very well produced session, with entertaining contributions. Basically, a great way to end a content rich conference." Anon A fun and funny session that discussed best practice in composing and integrating songs into children's content. Tony Reed, used his understanding of creating programnmes with high musical content to lead the panel of talented musicians, all of whom shared their wisdom and stories from years of producing songs for children's television. Very useful and entertaining. Here's this session's top ten: 1) What's the job of a theme tune?…

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Has the children's audiences changed?

Posted on: Thursday 27 June 2013 11:00am by David Kleeman

#TCMC David Kleemen will once again be opening his Prix Jeunesse "suitcase," but this time to celebrate a dual anniversary. Ten years?  That’s OK, I guess.  I mean, double digits is a landmark.  But 50?  That has gravitas.  50 looks at 10, leans back and says, “when I was your age…now fetch me a drink.” As the CMC celebrates a decade, the international children’s television festival – PRIX JEUNESSE – is planning its half-century celebration, May 30-June 4, 2014, in Munich! To celebrate the dual anniversaries, the ever-popular CMC-PRIX JEUNESSE “Suitcase” will spotlight high-impact shows from over the decades.  (We’ll…

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Have some serious fun at CMC.

Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 10:53pm by Joseph Norman

#TCMC Joseph Norman is producing a  session which will be exploring the commissioning landscape and how audiences have responded, plus research into the educative effect of games. Serious Fun: Play as an Educative Tool Time and venue: 2-3pm Friday 5/7/13 Cinema 2 The panel consists of exciting innovators currently operating at the cutting edge of serious animated games. We will look at games such as Sweatshop, which was banned by the iTunes store, as well as new developments to be unveiled. This will be a fun session, giving an overview of this sub-genre of games which often tackle challenging themes.…

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International Exchange: Focus on China.

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 4:19pm by Samuel Hutchinson

Blogger: Samuel Hutchinson. Very useful and informative from a practical point of view. Eamon McElwee (Producer - Global Media Finance LTD) They covered almost everything. Especially for new starters. Ge Gao (Trade and Investments - UKTI). It's time to break through the wall. There are huge opportunities in China, particularly over the next three years. But soon someone will come along and build a castle and it will be really hard to break through. The opportunities are there over the next three years. Jonathan So. Top Ten takeaways: 1) What are you waiting for? Even small breaks in China can…

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International Exchange: Focus on Funding

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 2:15pm by Dave Hill

#TCMC Blogged by Dave Hill. This was a useful session for companies seeking funding through co- productions, with a special focus on countries further afield than Europe, e.g. Brazil, Australia and Asia. Always interesting to discover more about funding. The real desire is to bring more content into the UK. David Elden, Head of Production, Collingwood & Co Great to find out more details especially about Pinewood Iskandar Malasysia Studios Helen McAleer, Chief Global Development Officer, Walker Books Group A comprehensive overview of international investment opportunities. Finn Arnesen, SVP, Hasbro Studios Very interesting to hear in detail about financing within…

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International Exchange: Focus on India

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 5:39pm by Dave Hill

#TCMC Blogged by Dave Hill. Really good to know about markets that you should know more about. Prof. Jeanette Steemers, University of Westminster A really useful session. It gave the positives and negatives. Please ask people to register at John Durkan, UKTI A five course set menu of insight, comedy and cultural flavourings on topical, sub-continental animation Phil Organ, University of Wales This was an honest overview of the Indian animation market. Much of what was shared was appetising, with strategies given on how to avoid production deli belly.' A key point to consider, to encourage you to tuck…

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International Exchange: Focus on Markets

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 7:21pm by Samuel Hutchinson

#TCMC Blogger: Samuel Hutchinson. Session comments; "A great opportunity to hear from UKTI particularly, and a great insight into the European markets. I will certainly be doing my homework now." - Olly Brown - Kanoti. "A useful overview. Everyone has a different focus and, seeing the differences, you can see which one is for you." - Emily Davidson - Head of Policy at PACT. 10 Top Takeaways if you weren't there! 10) There is increasing international focus now due to a drop in domestic funds. Therefore... 9) There is financial value in visiting international markets. So, what do you have…

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International Exchange: Focus On UK Tax breaks

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 1:16pm by Milly Ali

#TCMC An exciting opportunity for UK animation companies! We're one of the first companies to pass the Cultural Test and have received our 'Letter of Comfort'. Ian McKinnon (McKinnon & Saunders) The Animation world turns its eye to the UK again.... exciting times for old and new players. Professor Phil Organ (UWTS: Swansea Met) UK Tax Relief programme has worked successfully for the film industry, so the transition for the Animation industry should be smooth. Moses Nyachae (Saffrey Champness) It's AWESOME news that the Government have recognised the enormous creative talent in the UK Richard Higgs (Co-creator & Producer, Clifton…

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Introducing the blogging team...

Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 11:51am by John Kent

#TCMC John Kent will be one of the team bringing you the bits you missed at the CMC, through the blogs. The blogs are a great way to get even more from the conference. Here's a hello from John..... These pre conference posts are supposed to introduce the bloggers. Part of the  brief from Ian the blog editor is to say 'who you are and say what you do'. The first bit's easy. I'm John Kent. The second bit I always find trickier. I've been lucky enough to work in radio, TV and digital. Latterly its mostly digital - my…

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Introducing the Blogging team....

Posted on: Thursday 27 June 2013 10:22am by Dave Hill

#TCMC Dave Hill, a freelance writer and content producer, is new to the blogging team this year. This week all the bloggers will be introducing themselves to delegates - and here Dave looks at how he's turned children's media user... into children's media provider. When I was younger I loved watching 'Going Live', reading 'Roy of the Rovers' and playing on the Atari... Terry Nutkins and Roy Castle were my heroes.  That probably reveals more about my age than I'd normally want to share, but perhaps it also tells you that I enjoyed growing up in a country with a wide range…

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Is Children’s Reading a Casualty of Modern Life?

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 6:45pm

Is Children’s Reading a Casualty of Modern Life? Session time: 11.30am – 12pm Thursday and Friday Venue: Research Sessions - Cinema room 1 SPA Future Thinking and children’s publisher, Egmont UK, present 'Reading Street,' Egmont’s on-going study into children’s reading for pleasure in the context of family life. Since summer 2012, we’ve been following 12 families across the country, to understand what is really going on in children’s reading, as well as uncovering opportunities to inspire children to read in new ways. In an increasingly busy world, it’s tempting to want to point the finger at one single thing when…

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It Doesn’t Need to be Taxing

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 2:36pm by Niel Bushnell

#TCMC The animation tax-break, how do you qualify, how does it work and how will it affect your business? Blogged by Niel Bushnell. “The discussion covered all the key elements of claiming Tax Credit. The participants were experienced and knowledgeable, and gave us a good perspective on the process.” Ken Anderson, CEO - Red Kite Animation “The Tax Credit is very welcome but I hope it isn’t used to plug the gap in declining Broadcaster budgets, otherwise the industry will be in a similar difficult situation again.” Helen Howells, Joint Managing Director – HoHo Entertainment Top 10 Take Outs: The…

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Latest blogger introduction

Posted on: Tuesday 02 July 2013 10:27am by Samuel Hutchinson

#TCMC The CMC Blogging team are at work already.  They’ve been introducing themselves,   and will blog every session at CMC. So you don’t need to miss out when forced to make those agonising choices. One of the team is Samuel Hutchinson. Well, well, well... here comes my brief, succinct and, most importantly of all, short introduction to ME  ahead of my official start as a Blogger for the 2013 Children’s Media Conference! Currently, I am working as a Script Reader for the BBC (Continuing Drama), and Development Executive for film company, Silver Leaf Pictures. I’m also a Script Writer/Editor for…

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Latest blogging team introduction.

Posted on: Friday 28 June 2013 9:30am by Milly Ali

#TCMC Hi – I’m Milly Ali and I’ll be blogging throughout the CMC. My background’s mainly producing and directing factual programmes but I’ve taken the opportunity to blog next week to find out more about content produced for children. It's my first time at CMC and it’s great to be involved. There’s plenty to look forward to from the International Exchange to the Research Strand. The Wednesday workshop 'Polish & Pitch' has caught my attention as I’m about to start a development role at CBBC. It promises to be practical and fun, couldn't ask for more really! I'm hugely interested in the "Come Out…

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Leave them Wanting More…

Posted on: Sunday 07 July 2013 4:12pm by Niel Bushnell

#TCMC “This last session made a very tired woman very happy.” Alison Hume, Sparticles Productions Top Takeaways TV Execs know how to dance in chairs. Catherine Bennett will probably be on a CBBC show very soon. Innocence still exists! Never leave the CMC early! If you were at this year’s Children’s Media Conference and decided to leave early, thinking you were probably not missing anything, then you may have just made a big mistake. Pop-star of the future, Catherine Bennett, or CB as she’s also known, is the brainchild of a 9-year-old girl and her Aunt, who wanted to create…

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Licensing out of the Box

Posted on: Saturday 06 July 2013 1:25pm by David Ault

#TCMC A look at the changing landscape of licensing new and nostalgic brands from heritage and digital companies. It's very interesting to see the differences between heritage and digital, and to see the same - and very different - challenges. Siobhan Pridgeon, BAFTA Fruitful conversations about where the next big things are coming from, and what the digital metrics for success are. Ed Corn, MTM London We need a retail session, getting big retailers in with publishers and TV companies to create partnerships and get perspectives from both sides of licensing. Bianca Abulafia, MTM London Top ten takeaways: 1. Above…

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Listen Up!

Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 12:22pm by Dinah Lammiman

#TCMC Dinah Lammiman is producing a session dedicated to Getting Children Listening. Here's why you should be hearing what she's got to say. Cinema 2, 0940 Friday July 5th Your head is throbbing.  You really should have stayed off the shandies the night before.  So what better cure?  Come and sit back in Cinema 2 on Friday morning at 0940 and enjoy some truly awesome sounds.  Test out your ears on our sound effects quiz.  And find out more about audio for kids. The new opportunity in our multi-media saturated world just might be an old friend – audio, or radio,…

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Live Action - Global Attraction?

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 1:02pm by Dave Hill

Really enjoyed the session. Thought it was especially interesting about how live action can reflect the reality of a child's own world. Emma Barnes, Freelance Writer. The seminar explores a very interesting question. I was especially interested in what Mellie Buse brought and also that Tony Reed questioned the BBC's policy not to use and dub European shows. Sannette Naeye, Cinekid Festival. So can live action be as successful in the global market as animation is? In the global market place 83% is animation, what's so good about it? Yes it intrinsically appeals to kids and you don't have to…

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Live action at CMC

Posted on: Tuesday 02 July 2013 9:22am by Katie Simmons

Still deciding which sessions to attend. Katie Simmons, producer of 'Live Action - Global Attraction' explains why you should be there..... Thursday 4th July, 5-6pm, HubsC is the place to be for this year’s most interesting session debate. (If you’re into discussing how live action can sell in a global market that is….) This session is shaping up to be an important discussion. How can live action be profitable in the global market? Why does animation do so much better? What are the secrets to live action global successes? How could we benefit from opening ourselves up to global partners? The…

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Make 'Em Laugh

Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 10:45pm by Sharon Miller

#TCMC Sharon Miller is looking at the serious business of what makes children laugh. She's producing a session which promises to be very funny, very interesting, thought provoking and engaging.....and Hacker will be there too! TOP TEN TIPS TO MAKE 'EM LAUGH! Thursday July 4th, Cinema 3 - 5.10 pm. A lot of us will have tried to make children laugh.  Quite a few of us are paid to do so...But do we succeed?   Do we know what they find funny?  Do we know the magic ingredient to make a television programme that will have the children of the world - falling…

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Mapping Your Characters.

Posted on: Thursday 27 June 2013 9:49pm by Laurie Hutzler

Laurie Hutzler is producing a workshop which is crucial if you need to understand Mapping Your Characters. Wednesday 3rd July 2013 13:00 - 17:00 - Crucible Adelphi Room. Create an emotional map of your character's story journey.  Useful for developing characters, diagnosing character and story problems, and generating plot through character.  Great for visual thinkers who want to quickly "see" a character's story arc. This is session is practical and helpful and the technique can be applied immediately to any character.  Take away a tool, in six easy-to-use steps, that just might change how you think about story.  I've taught this method for some of the…

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MEDIA Presents a Ticket to Europe

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 3:47pm by David Ault

#TCMC This session heard case studies from UK Companies that have benefited from the various grants, training programmes, markets and events supported by MEDIA. The funding bodies are very friendly and approachable - you could assume it's very difficult to apply, but it's not. Duncan Raitt, Plastic Milk Animation The world of funding can be very dense, but it was good to hear case studies - including successes and failures - to put things in context. Jane Marlow, Park Pups Ltd Top Ten Takeaways: 1. EU Funding is FREE MONEY. 2. It's not good enough to have a great creative…

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Meet the Commissioners – Publishing

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 7:38pm by John Kent

#TCMC Children’s changing media habits and the impact of digital are popular themes for programme makers. But what are the publishers up to? John Kent went to meet the commissioners. TOP TEN SESSION TAKE OUTS; Penguin, Random House, Egmont and Walker are all heavily involved in TV and digital as well as books. Books aren’t always the best place to launch an idea Strong story  and strong characters are still the key ingredient in a good idea Publishers will looking for opportunities to grow a brand over time Egmont receives 50% of its revenue from screen based product Penguin have…

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Meet the Commissioners: BBC

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 12:47pm by Samuel Hutchinson

#TCMC Blogged by Sam Hutchinson. Quotes: "Fantastic, informative and the speakers came across as very approachable. Also, good questions were posed by the audience. They were the questions already on my mind." - Duncan Raitt (Head of Animation - Plastic Milk). "It fired me up to take the next steps. It came across as very accessible and showed me there is a good environment to get out there and get involved in. And where else can you get that?" - Aaron Wood (Slurpy Studios). "To anyone looking to pitch something to us, know what we've got and what we haven't…

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Meet the Commissioners: Commercial

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 2:11pm by Jon Hancock

#TCMC. Blogged by: Jon Hancock. “Entertaining as usual, although nothing new in terms of what they’re after – new, exciting, comedy, engaging… The real question is do the pitches and emails really get through…?” Top takeaways: For all channels  - GET TO KNOW THE BRANDS WELL BEFORE YOU PITCH ANYTHING. CITV • Shaping themselves as the channel “for kids BY kids.” • Looking for comedy live action for Q4 2014 (past successes ‘My Parents Are Aliens’, ‘My Phone Genie.’ • Want to return to Fact Ent (again for Q4 2014) – with playground chat factor. Something “a bit different”! Disney…

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Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 3:37pm by Jayne Kirkham

Major international broadcasters outline their multi-platform commissioning future strategies. Top Ten Takeaways: Never pitch in a toilet. Check out broadcasters’ websites for a flavour of their brand Check out broadcasters’ websites for commissioning information and requirements For public service broadcasters, make sure you understand the needs of the child: does your proposal speak to life in that child’s country? For all broadcasters make sure you understand who they are making programmes for: are they serving the parent or the child? Proposals have to work across all platforms but MUST work on Linear TV first. Never pitch to someone before they’ve…

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Meet the Commissioners: Specialists

Posted on: Saturday 06 July 2013 1:17pm by Jan Leventhall

#TCMC Interesting  - it is good to know there are alternative ways of raising funding. Ogodinife Okpue (Adverto) You may not have walked away from this session with a suitcase of cash, but you will have left with new ideas of different funding and partnership options for the future. Top Ten Takeaways Tate Kids are interested in anything that engages kids with art. Take Kids have an annual budget of £20k although they would seek further funding for larger projects. You won’t make your millions from Tate, but they may open doors for you. Watershed in Bristol take a very…

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Millennium Galleries Reception

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 10:05am by Niel Bushnell

#TCMC Blogger: Niel Bushnell Top ten take-aways Blimey, there’s a lot of people here! You see him/her from (insert channel/production company)? Don’t barge into a private conversation. Wait till they’ve finished before you introduce yourself. How much for a pint?? Go to the cashpoint before. The first drinks are free, but later remember to ask for a receipt – this could go on expenses, right? I should really have had something to eat before I drunk this… Keep an eye on your bag. It’s busy and things can get lost. Make notes on business cards given to you so you…

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More International Names Join the Exchange

Posted on: Wednesday 26 June 2013 11:57pm

The International Exchange is the CMC’s new market event with over 40 buyers, investors and co-producers looking for programmes, projects, partners and talent in the Hubs throughout the Conference. More international guests have just signed up for the Exchange. Biren Ghose  is Country Head in India for Technicolor - the most prolific studio in the world for CG feature films, TV series and art for computer gaming. Brien says he is looking to expand Technicolor’s reach as a service provider, and he’s also selectively seeking co-productions.  Biren is also President of the ABAI, an industry association which partners the Indian Government on animation…

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Opening Keynote - Stories are Gifts!

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 12:36pm by John Kent

#tcmc This year’s opening keynote was delivered by Frank Cottrell Boyce – multi-award winning author of children’s books. John Kent was there.... Presented: Frank Cottrell Boyce Introduced – Anna Home Produced – Edward Pugh Welcome to the tenth Children’s Media Conference! For many of us who opted for the cheaper trains, this was our first taste of CMC 2013. The opening session this year was really a tale of two parts. The first part was Anna Home’s introduction. She formally opened the conference, welcomed everyone and highlighted how the CMC has grown from 80 delegates and 8 sessions in 2004…

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Overcome perils of pitching...

Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 12:13pm by Alexander Bar

#TCMC Alexander Bar invites you to "Polish and Pitch" at the  workshop on Wednesday 4th July (1pm - 5pm) @ The Electric Works. "Eureka!!… You’ve just had a great idea for a show!  Well, at least you and your best friend thinks it’s great!  And he’s hardly ever wrong about tricky stuff like, uh … plumbing.  I mean, how hard can it be to build a global kids’ brand, right? Well, as it happens, it’s even trickier than plumbing at times!  So how do you really know if your idea is any good?   And how do you tell the world about…

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Polish and Pitch Workshop

Posted on: Wednesday 26 June 2013 11:59pm

Wednesday 3rd July, 1pm – 5pm, Electric Works Register now while there are still places.  Just had a great idea for a project?  How do you know if it’s any good?  And how do you turn that light bulb moment into a global kids’ brand?  These are just some of the Big Questions the Polish and Pitch Workshop will be answering. Suitable for writers, animators, producers and budding creators of all levels of experience working on concepts for all age ranges (toddlers to teens), and hosted by ‘Mike the Knight’ creator Alexander Bar, and a panel of industry experts, Polish…

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Reimagined and recycled.

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 12:26pm by Milly Ali

#TCMC A great session but wish it was longer Michael Rose (MD, Magic Light Pictures) Great stories and great characters shouldn't be forgotten, Alison Bakunowich (VP Director of Marketing & Communications, Nickelodeon UK) Top Ten Takeaways... Old brands are making successful comebacks for new audiences. Heritage brands have multi-generational property. Give your creative team the freedom to push boundaries in the creative process. Technology has helped develop change. A strong story and characters which resonate with their audience is at the heart of any successful show, old and now new. A big media campaign helps bring new audiences to old…

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Research Insights 1,2 and 3

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 5:34pm by Jayne Kirkham

#TCMC Blogged by Jayne Kirkham Produced by – Btisam Belola, Insight and Innovation Consultant, BBRI. "Fascinating but deeply depressing that children live in such an enclosed environment" Jon Mason. "Interesting: I can use some of this to generate content." Johnny Leagas. "Could you possibly type more quietly?" The lady at the end of my row.   Three different audience researchers shared their latest findings. Top Ten Takeaways: · Children haven’t changed, but parenting has. · Parents are the gatekeepers but once inside a brand or an idea, children occupy the territory in their own way. · Children love ‘classics’ but…

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Research Insights 4 & 5

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 5:28pm by Niel Bushnell

Blogged by Niel Bushnell. Top Ten Takeouts. 12-15 year old girls send 30 text messages a day. Half of toddlers are surfing the web for movies and games. TV remains central to children but they are mutliscreen users. Internet access is less prevalent in poorer households. 2 in 10 households have a tablet device – more in AB familes. Top 3 programmes watched by 4-9 year olds are The Gruffalo’s Child, Doctor Who and Britain’s Got Talent. Top 3 programmes watched by 10-15 year olds are Britain’s Got Talent, I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here and the X…

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Research Insights 6 & 7

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 2:05pm by Jan Leventhall

iCloudy skies for adults but a bright future for the kids …. Blogged by Jan Leventhall. The obvious thing is that it is all about the apps in the children’s market – how they rule the roost.   Sid Sloane. I make apps for kids – the one thing that is a concern for me is that people have a doubt about their future. Keith Davey, Marino Software. Astonished to hear the prediction that text messaging is soon to die. An indication of how fast things are changing. Justine Smith,  Writer Ten Takeaways The future has arrived already it is just…

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Research Insights 8 & 9

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 6:55pm by Jon Hancock

#TCMC Research 8: Keep Taking the Tablets: iPads, Young Children and Story Apps Great session with solid research and good stats. As an app developer, good to know what works and doesn’t work for engaging kids with apps. Practical information is thin on the ground, so great to hear it from the researchers! Jennifer Wilson Really intriguing in-depth look at child behavior online, though I would have liked some more future facing analysis drawn from the data. The content on tablet apps and books was interesting for those looking at building apps, but otherwise hovered on a middle ground between…

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School Edutainment - In a Class of It's Own?

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 4:21pm by Dave Hill

There were alot of presentations, but I was especially interested in the information that Joan brought. Olwen Sheedy, Enterprise Ireland. Really enlightening and a bit frightening Rachel Hoy, Platypus Research. Obviously an area that we need to address Jean Lanchance, Toon Boom Animation. Edutainment - the process of educating through entertainment (I know it's obvious, but teacher says I should write for the layman, a person without specialised knowledge) - has become the focus for many, including online giants (e.g.Google, Amazon), wholesalers, (e.g. Currys, Carephone Warehouse) and of course, parents and school. This seminar looked primarily at edutainment within the…

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Serious fun.

Posted on: Tuesday 16 July 2013 12:13am by Milly Ali

Games that are being developed to encourage children to learn through play is a growing market. At the heart of this sector's philosophy is the enjoyment factor, learning is easier when you're having fun. The preschool market is saturated with learning games but it seems the teenage market is fairly untapped. It's food for thought for any interested in developers out there. Channel 4 & BBC have a rich history of commissioning and developing such games and found it to be a useful way of reaching their audiences beyond just 'watching tv'. The Science Museum also has a 10 year…

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Slicing up the Pizza

Posted on: Wednesday 26 June 2013 11:52pm

Thursday 4th July, 8pm – 10pm Book your Pizza place now The fabled Pizza Express supper – now back on Thursday night just before the big party – has been a feature of CMC since Year 1. In those quieter days, 25 people attended a “speakers dinner” and the tradition was born.  Now the Pizza Express night is the hot ticket of CMC and it books out, as we can only take a couple of hundred in the Devonshire Street Branch. But fear not flan-fans, in response to the desperate needs of the CMC in-crowd, Pizza Express have opened another…

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Somebody thinks I'm 3 today

Posted on: Saturday 29 June 2013 8:57am by Jayne Kirkham

#TCMC Jayne Kirkham celebrates her third year at the CMC as a blogger. I've just had notification from a blogging site that will remain unnamed (to protect the innocent) that this is my 'third birthday.' They gave me a picture of a tacky cupcake. Now I really don't like cupcakes: not my thing at all. If it really was my birthday, I’d much prefer something like this enormous onion which has its own built in candle/fuse. I think said unnamed blogging site means I’ve been blogging at CMC for the past two years. If you’ve been before, I hope you…

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Sponsors – Swiss Style

Posted on: Wednesday 26 June 2013 11:46pm by Greg Childs

A long time ago one of our Advisory Committee came up with the idea that CMC should aim for the broadest possible range of sponsors so that the entire industry could express its support of CMC.  He said it would be a sort of federation, “like Switzerland…” and so the unique all-inclusive system of CMC sponsorship was born.  Ten years on it feels like our federation is coming of age, with more Foundation Sponsors than ever, and over 50 brands and companies lining up to support the CMC. We want to say a huge thank you to all of them,…

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Stand by for Bloggers' blogs and producers' blogs.

Posted on: Tuesday 25 June 2013 8:42pm

#TCMC Once again there will be a blogging team at the CMC covering all the events next week. This allows you as delegates to gain much more from the CMC than just the events you attend in person. It means that you can check out all those sessions which you couldn't fit into your schedule - and benefit from the expertise and knowledge which was shared during the events throughout the conference. The blogs will also become a record of the whole 2013 CMC. The blogging team has received great feedback in recent years. If you see one of them…

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Tackling Tricky Topics for 10+

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 6:42pm by David Ault

#TCMC This session looked at whether it is a broadcaster's job to tackle subjects like sex, drugs, bullying and body image. Very useful - a lot of topics could be covered in this seminar, and there is a fine line between what can be said and what pushes the boundaries too much. Sai Pathmanathan, Science Education Consultant We do content for Childline, tackling some very tricky topics for teenagers. We have to give children the language to express what they're going through, and we could be braver. Hannah Flynn, NSPCC Top Ten Takeaways 1. Children need a language to parse…

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Ten Game Design Principles for the Next Ten Years

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 6:12pm by Jan Leventhall

#TCMC. Game Designer Breaks the rules! Dr Carla Englebrecht Fisher describes 11 Game Design Principles for the Next 10 Years …. Speaker: Dr Carla Engelbrecht Fisher – Games Designer and Founder, No Crusts Interactive Completely buzzed – want to go home, download apps and start playing. Claire Pye, Macmillan Education Information base was brilliant – more useful than others who just plug their own stuff. Dinah Lammiman, PastPorte. An update on dialogue within the games. Sannette Naeye, Cinekid Festival Top then takeaways. (ok, for this one there are in fact 11). 1.     Look for inspiration everywhere even in inappropriate places (i.e.…

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Ten Out of Ten Over Fifty: Prix Jeunesse Suitcase

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 3:31pm by Jan Leventhall

#TCMC Kissing, Pissing and Cross Dressing at the Prix Jeunesse!   Just a taster of the varied content showcased at this years Prix Jeunesse suitcase. Produced and Presented by David Kleeman – Chair of International Advisory Board for the Prix Jeunesse Blogged by Jan Leventhall. “I’ve never been to the Prix Jeunesse but people always bring the suitcase back – it’s like visiting a gallery.  It fills your head with ideas and points of view – invaluable”  Tim Jokl “I loved the session and came last year as well.  Particularly the breadth of types of films.”  Olly   “Good enough, isn’t!”…

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The Animation Audit

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 4:18pm by Niel Bushnell

#TCMC Blogger: Niel Bushnell “People need to stop moaning, get off their backsides, talk to Skillset and access the money!” Marion Edwards, HIT Entettainment “This fund means I can look to employ two new staff members instead of one.” Jonathan Brown, Lightworx Top Ten Session Takeouts 1.      Creative Skillset have new funding available for individuals and companies 2.      Companies can access substantial support for new starters. 3.      Creative Skillset want to address the known skills shortages within the industry. 4.      They’re looking for ambitious training initiatives to help fund. 5.      Creative Skillset has been…

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The Creative Keynote: Phineas and Ferb: How We Did It

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2013 12:14pm by Jayne Kirkham

#TCMC CREATIVE KEYNOTE: Phineas and Ferb: How We Did It Speaker – Jeff ‘Swampy’ Marsh, Co-Creator/Executive Producer ‘Phineas and Ferb’ Blogged by - Jayne Kirkham Overheard on the way out of the Crucible Theatre “That man is a legend.” “He makes me want to do stuff.” “He’s living proof.” “Inspirational.” “So what is the difference between snooker and billiards?” If you weren’t there: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! Here are the Top Ten Takeaways: Overnight success takes a long time Never underestimate the intelligence of children Stick to your guns when it matters The solution to a problem is often smaller…

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The Shape of Comics to Come

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 6:12pm by Milly Ali

Comics are as old as cave paintings  Paul Gravett (Director, Comica Festival and Escape Books) Top Ten Takeaways Digital comics make comics accessible for all children. Comics are 'edutainment' in a digital form. Children are able to contribute to digital content. Reading digital comics is cool for children. Real UK growth in the market for digital comics. Comics are a great way to engage the 'reluctant reader'. Print comics are still important to its readership. Action and humour important. Digital comics want to reach a mainstream audience. Parents, don't be snobbish about comics, your children love them. Breaking news..... "The…

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Theatre as the Crucible

Posted on: Saturday 06 July 2013 1:35pm by Jon Hancock

#TCMC This was a fantastic session full of passion, example and detail. I am taking away loads of ideas from this. Thank you. Stephanie Barton In an inspiring conversation on children’s theatre, the panel enthralled us all with their storytelling. It is this storytelling that is at the heart of what we all do ; whether in television, radio, publishing or theatre. This is the common thread that binds us together and makes magic for the audience. Thank you for this great session. The best in the festival, I think. Oliver Sussat – FUNtastic! / Zapisode. Top takeaways: • There…

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Top 10 Trends in Children’s Apps

Posted on: Saturday 06 July 2013 1:03pm by Jon Hancock

#TCMC Producer/Presenter: Stuart Dredge (Journalist, Guardian/Apps Playground) Hosted by: Marc Goodchild (IpDipSkyBlue) “Very knowledgable, crammed full of content and really useful.” Anon. Top takeaways: / @stuartdredge – an RSS view of all apps coming out. Lots of flotsam and jetsam but gives an impression of the rhythm of the industry There’s a “Kids” category coming to the App Store later this year. Will enable parents to find Kids apps much easier Digital play and real play can compliment rather than one cannibalizing the other Important to remember, not everyone has a tablet. In 2012, tablets were only accessible…

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Top Ten Tips to Make ’Em Laugh

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 7:24pm by Niel Bushnell

#TCMC I know nothing about comedy. Sarah Muller – Head of CBBC Acquisitions and Drama Development Give kids lager before they watch your shows, they’ll laugh much more. John Lomas-Bullivant, Writer Speakers: Stephanie Gauld, Digital Publisher - Egmont Sarah Muller, Head of Acquisitions and Drama Development - CBBC Connal Orton, Executive Producer - CBBC Hacker T. Dog, - (via video) Producer Sharon Miller, Writer/Director - Right on Track Ltd Executive Producer Dominic Gardiner, Kids and Family Entertainment Consultant - Gardiner Entertainment Ltd Moderator Jon Doyle, Creative Director - Laughing Gravy Media Host Top Ten Comedy Gags. The BBC spent a fortune…

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Two Screen, or Not Two Screen

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 5:46pm by Dave Hill

Two Screen or Not Two Screen Blogged by Dave Hill Second Opinions: "We need a high tech solution and a high content solution. We need both." Yago Fandiño Lousa, TVE - CLAN "The important thing is to use second screen in sympathy rather than a distraction, which is different with different genres." Catrin Siriol, S4C "Great stuff happening, we're just looking for the next big step." Mario Dubois, CBBC Indie Commissioning Executive Second screen has been talked about for a while. And in spite of the many questions surrounding it, research shows that children frequently use several devises whilst watching…

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Two screen...or not to screen

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 12:57pm by Julie Aberdein

#TCMC Julie Aberdein  is producing the 'Two Screen' session - Thursday 2-3pm in Hub C - and asks; "Can you afford to miss it? .. Two Screen is a subject that's been discussed over the past few years in the global sphere of children's media and on Thursday 2-3pm in Hub C  we'll try to get some answers with our esteemed panel all who are at the cutting edge of children's second screen both technically and editorially. Come listen to the wisdom of  Marc Goodchild, who is partner in a second-screen authoring company called SyncScreen, that is developing tools to help creatives devise…

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VOD - Profit or Peanuts?

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 6:36pm by Jayne Kirkham

#TCMC Blogged by - Jayne Kirkham As licence fees fall and advances against DVDs and M&L shrink, how does a producer make up the deficit in their budget?  Could VOD help them out? Top Takeaways from this session: VOD is useful for back catalogues New content is beginning to come through The big companies are learning quickly what they want Producers shouldn’t expect a pot of gold Producers should be prepared to give away VOD rights to generate interest in other revenue streams Not new money, just the same money in a different pocket Audience increasingly wants to watch anything anywhere…

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VOD – Profit or peanuts?

Posted on: Sunday 30 June 2013 11:41am by Siwan Jobbins

#TCMC Siwan Jobbins' session at the CMC will look ahead in a world where license fees take a tumble and advances against DVD sales and M&L shrink. 2:10-3:10pm @ showroom Cinema 3, Thurs July 4th. How does a stressed producer plug the holes in their budget? Can VOD and SVOD help? Chaired by Tony Collingwood, join industry experts, Jon Bourdillon; Eileen McCarthy; Ed Galton; Russell Pearson and Mike Young, as they discuss how various VOD and SVOD  models work and how they could help you forge new finance models, partnerships and opportunities.

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Wednesday Workshop - Mapping Your Characters

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 8:18pm by Jayne Kirkham

#TCMC Blogged by Jayne Kirkham  A Workshop for writers, script-editors, producers and commissioners who want to tell more emotionally compelling stories. Produced and presented by: Laurie Hutzler, Television, Film and Online Content Consultant “Really inspirational.  It was interesting learning not just about plotting characters, but about yourself.”  Denise Green, Producer “It was very good; going to the core of human psychology and asking who we are, which is the essence of scriptwriting.” Alexander Lentjes, Stereoscopic Consultant “Wow.  It’s too early; I need to think about these things.  Ask me on Friday.” Anon, Writer. Top 10 Takeaways, in case you weren't…

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Wednesday Workshop - Monetising Digital Content

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 7:16pm by Jon Hancock

#TCMC Producer/Contributor: Nicholas Lovell, Director, Gamesbrief Blogged by: Jon Hancock   "Very interesting, eye-opening session, full of interesting statistics. I had no idea so much money could be made, potentially, from something which was theoretically a freebie. The speaker kept mentioning that he was short of time, so I guess we were getting the short version of his spiel, but nevertheless it gave me cause for much consideration." Rowland Lee, Composer "Condensed but nevertheless rich content about how the app and game market works right now. It raised a lot of important questions about how to launch new IPs or…

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Wednesday Workshop - Polish and Pitch

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 7:52pm by Milly Ali

#TCMC. Turning your moment of inspiration into a global brand Blogger: Milly Ali "Success is not just about talent & timing, you can engineer success with processes, rules and checklists" Alexander Bar (Creator, Mike the Knight). "A practical workshop. I feel better informed about the 'polishing' aspect to Development" Stephanie Wahlstrom (Channel Manager). "It's reassuring to know that a nervous pitch doesn't spell disaster if you have a good idea" Ros Attille (Series Producer, Midnight Oil). "I've been in the industry for 15 years and I've learnt so much from this workshop." Timothy Fancourt (Producer & Director, Studio43). Top ten…

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Wednesday Workshop: Co-Pro Clinic

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 9:02pm by Jan Leventhall

#TCMC Blogger: Jan Leventhall Horns, Speed Dating, Love, Sex and Food at Co-Pro Workshop! “The session explored unexpected depths in such an ever changing market of new players, new  models, and new partnerships.” – Sarah Baynes (Creative Garden) “Clarity is the biggest thing in co-production. Partnership is important -  like the people and know what everyone’s remit is.” Mickey Rogers (Rogers Media)  “Co-Production is a three dimensional noughts and crosses” – Nigel Pickard (Zodiac) “Take every opportunity now, but we are heading for a period of consolidation” – Sarah Muller (CBBC) “Understand what’s underneath the hood.  Especially if you are…

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Welcome Drink – Crucible Bar

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 7:32pm

#TCMC Blogger: Niel Bushnell “It’s great that the children’s media industry can come together in one place.” Alison Hume, Sparticles Productions. Top ten take-aways, direct from the bar. Leave yourself enough time to find the location – it’s only a short walk but you can easily get lost if you don’t know Sheffield. Keep cool. These events get very hot, very quickly. Be prepared. Bring some business cards. The social events are where most impromptu networking happens. You’ll make new friends here! Go steady! It’s been a long day and you’ve probably not eaten yet, so don’t blow those great first…

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What's 'good' in children's digital media?

Posted on: Wednesday 26 June 2013 8:19pm by Nick Walters

#TCMC This week producers will giving a taste of what's in their sessions at the CMC. Here, Nick Walters, asks "What's Good?' in the digital world.   Find out more on Thursday July 4th, 3.40pm, Showroom Cinema 3. Excessive in-app payments. Too much screen time. Dubious learning value. All problems related to digital experiences for kids that have made the headlines recently. So in the 'What's Good?' panel on Thursday, we'll what be asking what the children's media industry can do to promote the positive side of digital interactivity for kids. We'll be tackling some of the big questions -…

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What’s Good? Trust & Quality in a Digital World

Posted on: Sunday 07 July 2013 4:24pm by John Kent

#TCMC The safety of children of children in the digital space is a perennial topic of conversation, and one that often crops up at CMC. Over the past twelve months new concerns have developed around in app purchase on top of the usual concerns around social networking and e-safety. TOP TEN TAKEAWAYS The press image of children’s digital media – is that its dangerous, unscrupulous, eats too much time and that no one takes responsibility.  US studies suggest that parents are not overwhelmed – but they are concerned about privacy, in app purchase and their children coming across inappropriate content.…

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