3DTV - Fact or Fiction?

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 1:54pm

Blogged by Jon Hancock. 3DTV Fact or Fiction Speakers: Dana Harrison, MD Paradise FX Europe Paradise FX Europe 3D Showreel: Alexander Lentjes, 3D Stereoscopic Consultant and Animation Producer, 3-D Revolution Productions. Tamsin Lyons, Producer, Breakthru Films Trailer for 'The Flying Machine' (Ink and Light) shown by Tamsin Lyons: Amy Mathieson, Jet Set Films Reg Sanders, Director & Stereographer As one delegate in the session put it, CDs were obviously better than vinyl, HD was obviously better than SD, is 3D actually better than 2D? As the expert panel explained, if used subtly (rather than the “bad” 3D we’ve all seen)…

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Appyfamilies - Apps for Big and Little fingers

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 1:36pm

Blogged by Becky Coe Produced by Btisam Belola, Insight and innovation consultant. Speakers : Glynn Hayward, Creative Director, Complete Control. Bay Clark, Associate Director, Sherbert Research "If you're thinking about creating an app for kids, then this presentation will give you a great insight into your audience and the challenges before you start." The Big Question - What works for big AND little fingers? Download the Sherbert/Complete Control Presentation We're all familiar with the phrase, "there's an app for that", but what really works, and what doesn't? Do we really need an app to tell us what our children are…

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Are We Safe Yet?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 5:44pm

Blogged by Jayne Kirkham Produced by Olivia Dickinson, Freelance Digital Producer Introduced by Dr Jo Twist, CEO UKIE Speakers: Reg Bailey, Chief Executive, Mothers Union Ian Douthwaite, CEO, Dubit Ltd Professor Jackie Marsh, Head of the School of Education, University of Sheffield Simon Milner, Policy Director UK and Ireland, Facebook It's one year on from Reg Bailey's Government sponsored independent report, Letting Children Be Children, an inquiry into the commercialization and sexualization of childhood. Time to assess its impact and ask who should take responsibility for it? 'It' being online safety. On the whole Reg (and he's such a nice…

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BAFTA Presents: The Amazing World of Gumball

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 5:29pm by Tom Webb

Tom Webb blogs. BAFTA Presents: ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ Introduced by: Tony Collingwood, Producer, Collingwood O’Hare Productions Speakers: Ben Bocquelet, Show Creator ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ Mic Graves, Series Director ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ Daniel Lennard, Vice President of Original Series & Development, EMEA Correctly described by its director as a movie in a minute, each episode is nothing short of a children’s blockbuster; ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ is quite literally amazing television for children. This BAFTA Presented event offered attendees an exclusive world premiere of a series two episode and a chance to put their…

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CMC - Join the Team

Posted on: Monday 05 March 2012 5:50pm

The Children’s Media Conference 2012 takes place from the 4th to the 6th July - and we’re looking for people to help us out. Session Producers There are some sessions in the planning stage which need session producers. Volunteer producers get free access to the whole conference in return for the (not insignificant) work they put into their session. You can suggest ideas for topics - we’re still open to that, or you can suggest yourself as a producer. Our volunteers come from all walks of media life - TV and radio producers and directors, digital developers, writers, animators, academics,…

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CMC 2012 - a blogger writes

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2012 2:33pm

I (writes Blogger Sanjay D'Humieres) am zipping along the East Midlands countryside as I am writing my first blog post for this year’s CMC and I can’t wait to reach Sheffield and get stuck in. It is going to be my second year blogging at the conference and last year’s event was a great experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. As the media industry faces tough economic conditions, cuts are inevitable and are already happening. But the question is will children’s TV continue to prosper with more investments being made, or will it have to face the same fate as all…

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CMC Celebrations

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 2:24pm

Tom Webb went partying Those in the loop last night would have discovered that there were in fact two free bars operating in Sheffield’s two premiere venues. The first was upstairs at The Crucible and offering wines, beautiful views and the perfect place for a catch up and reflection on the day’s conference. With plastic cup dispensed for those itching to continue the drinking inside the venue, a lovely evening was set in the famous snooker venue; flowing wine and stimulating debate. The second of the parties followed shortly in the stunning Millennium Galleries. For the already well loosened lot,…

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CMC Day One Video

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 5:39pm

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Commissioned by the Crowd

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 1:49pm

Blogged by: Nina Koo-Seen-Lin Commissioned by the Crowd Introduced by: Carlton Reeve. Speakers: Naomi Alderman, Writer Nick Dazé, Author Nick's contribution on video below Jason DaPonte, MD, The Swarm Kevin Mclean, Co-Founder, Tinkatolli Produced by: Carlton Reeve, Director, Play with Learning. There was a contest going on this morning between two sessions. A battle to see whether the commissioners or crowd-funding are the future of children’s media funding. Last year I attended the Meet the Commissioners session and that room was pretty packed. This year it seems a lot of people are looking into getting donations from the public. Only…

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Connected Devices and Children’s Media Consumption

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 5:24pm

Blogged by Jon Hancock. Research Insights at the CMC Connected Devices and Children’s Media Consumption Resources: Download Phil's presentation here Phil Williams, Researcher & Writer from ACB (a behavioural research company based in Brighton) presented findings from recent research about children’s behaviour to new technology in the home. Cameras were placed in the family home and the output from each device, together with the human behaviour, was monitored in great detail. Whilst the sample was 8 families (children aged 2-14) with just a couple of children in each category/age group, this is apparently a large and thorough sample. In the…

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Content and Commitment

Posted on: Wednesday 15 February 2012 6:37pm

The editorial content for the July Conference is under construction – and you can be part of this. We are still looking for session ideas – topics you think will excite and interest the delegates to CMC in July – they can be anything from a suggestion for a Creative Masterclass, to a debate on kids’ media policy. The Conference theme is“Ahead of the Game” so concepts around that broad tent-pole would be very welcome. Do you have a burning issue? Do you know stuff that you feel should be shared? Do you have you experience of an innovative approach,…

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Creative Keynote Interview: Making Monsters

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 9:41am by Jon Hancock

Blogged by Jon Hancock. Creative Keynote Interview Making Monsters Patrick Ness interviewed by Mark Lawson In a conference themed 'Ahead of the Game', Patrick Ness (winner of the CILIP Carnegie Children's Medal for the past two years amongst many accolades) demonstrated his passion and expertise that proves clearly why he’s at the top of his game and a proclaimed master of his craft. He dispensed many of his philosophies of writing – keen to emphasise that they were his ways and shouldn’t be prescriptive of ways others should write. But there were lessons relevant and applicable to all of us…

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Enabling Kids, Connecting Communities

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 3:41pm

  Blogged by Tina Boonstra Enabling Kids, Connecting Communities #cmcenabling This inspiring session focussed on four different projects that create digital spaces and opportunities which encourage children and young people to engage with the real world. Mission Shiregreen, is a project initiated by Sanctuary Housing Association to positively engage young people from the UK's largest housing estate with their local surroundings. Using Mission:Explore's platform, created by The Workshop, children gain points and earn badges by completing missions in the surrounding area. By engaging with community groups and schools, Mission Shire Green is already seeing positive feedback after only a few…

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Fighting Fantasy- Making Games

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 5:53pm

Blogged by Tina Boonstra Ian Livingstone, one of the founding fathers of the gaming industry and pioneer of interactive storytelling shared his story with us, from Games Workshop to taking on the government, and revolutionising the way ICT is taught in schools. The session was a whistle top tour of the changes in gaming industry and a challenge to continue to lead the way in creating engaging games for new platforms. The gaming industry is bigger than music, bigger than books and bigger than DVDs and its estimated that by 2015 the industry will be worth a whopping $90 million!…

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Focus on China

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 5:15pm

Blogged by Tina Boonstra There are undoubtedly massive opportunities in the Chinese Market; the audiences are large and the atmosphere in this session suggested that the market is willing to invest into British talent. But how does this work practically? How do you move from having a desire to work with Chinese broadcasters to actually seeing it happen? Here's the advice from the experts: -Do your research! Just because your idea or product works in the UK doesn’t necessarily mean it will work in the same way in Chinese markets. Invest time into researching not only the Chinese markets, but…

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From Screen to Shelf – Ready for Retail

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2012 6:05pm

Blogged by Nina Koo-seen-lin Produced and presented by Oliver Dyer, Director, Skew Studios Top tips to take away from screen to shelf:1-5pm, Wednesday, Millennium Gallery. You cannot shoehorn products into shows but if you believe in the essence of the show you’ll find a way to make it work. Keep in mind that TV, book and digital worlds are all collapsing into each other and the scope to work together is ever growing. Always be prepared to say ‘no’. That’s how valuable ideas are – you have to know what’s core to your brand. Don’t mess with it. At the…

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Kids and Co-viewing. Is It A Screen Thing?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 5:58pm

Blogged by Becky Coe Produced by Shazia Ali, Qualitative Research Consultant. Speakers: Jo Cliff, Managing Director Rachel Hoy, Director, Platypus Research View the Platypus slide deck. An up to date, real life portrayal of what 'co-viewing' means in the context of kids' lives today and what the implications are for kids' media content in the future. I arrived eager at the scene to be presented with a goody bag. Equipped with jelly beans and a cute flower shaped highlighter I was ready to find out about 'co-viewing' (parents and kids watching tv together). So... Co-viewing, is it changing? The team…

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Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 4:04pm

Blogged by: NinaKoo-Seen-Lin Session: Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me Introduced by: Jeff Norton Speakers: Mellie Buse, MD, Adastra Creative Stuart Dredge, Freelance Journalist Jill Franklin, Founder, Franklin Rae Communications Ltd Produced by: Stephanie Barton, Independent Children’s Publishing Advisor How do you get yourself out there? Mellie Buse, Adastra Creative, Stuart Dredge, a journalist for The Guardian and Jill Franklin, a PR pro an tell you… Mellie’s journey on how to get a great show onto a great network “You don’t need to promote a show to find the audience. The audience will find the show,” explains Mellie. The real…

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Making vegetables talk!

Posted on: Sunday 01 July 2012 10:56am by Jon Hancock

I’m Jon Hancock – I’ll be blogging at this year’s CMC. Your emergency exits are ... Hmm, maybe not. I’ve been at the Beeb for 12 years – working my way up the ranks within the Children’s department across CBBC and CBeebies. Now at the dizzying height of Series Producer, I’ve been spending the last couple of years making vegetables talk in the joyously bunting-tastic Mr Bloom’s Nursery. It’s a hoot to make – wonderful team, and I don’t care what you say, Ben Faulks (Mr Bloom himself) is the nicest bloke in telly. That Mumsnet readers find him the…

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Meet the Commissiomners: Commmercial

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 1:59pm

  Blogged by Tom Webb. Introduced By: David Jenkinson, Editor-in-chief & Managing Director, C21Media Speakers: Louise Bucknole, Programming Director, Disney Channels UK & Ireland. Beth Gardiner, VP Production & Development, Disney Junior, EMEA Anthony Lukom, VP and MD UK and Ireland, Turner Broadcasting Anthony Lukom's Presentation available for download Jamila Metran, Programme Manager CITV Jamila Metran's presentation available for download Tim Patterson, VP Scheduling, Nickelodeon UK After meeting the commissioners of the commercial arm of children’s television, it’s impossible not to feel excited about what the future holds. With bundles of energising new commissions and acquisitions, and some old faces…

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Meet The Commissioners - Mind Candy

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 2:13pm

Blogged by Jayne Kirkham. Speaker: Michael Acton-Smith, CEO, Mind Candy Produced and introduced by: Julie Adair, Adair Digital Ltd HUBS C positively crackled at lunchtime. Partly due to the opening of crisp packets but mostly it was anticipation - we'd all heard rumours that Moshi Monsters are commissioning.... "Yes yes," we munched impatiently as Michael Acton-Smith brought everyone up to date on the massively successful year those moshlings have had since the last CMC. "Tell us.... stuff... let us hop on the back of your surf board as you carve this digital wave." He did better than that. He told…

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Meet the Commissioners: Publishing

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 2:01pm

Blogged by Tina Boonstra Three publishing firms give the low down on what they want and what they don’t. Orchard: Looking to expand author led young adult fiction, as well as for middle grade (8-12) audiences. Fresh content, different types of storytelling, trend leading not trend following. We want a strong voice of the story teller or protagonist, speaking to the target audience. Penguin: We're looking for a clear vision, we want to get it in one sentence. We're not looking for one off ideas, but I.P and brands that can be developed. It's not necessarily about whether it will…

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Meet the Commissioners: Public Service

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 3:34pm

Blogged by Jon Hancock. There were some longer presentations and showreels which left less time for questions - but here's the pithy bits all in one place about what commissioners are looking for. Gemma Brady – Editor, Channel 4 Education Commissioning content for 14-19’s principally, that connects with the values of Curiosity, Fearlessness, Cheekiness, and content “with Heart”. She said there were some opportunities still available for 2012, and £4m ring-fenced for 2013. Be aware though that content currently well-served is Youth unemployment, bullying, financial literacy. Follow the team on Twitter: @c4education     Sioned Roberts – Content Commissioner, S4C…

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Mind Candy

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2012 3:58pm

Julie Adair is producing Meet the Commissioners : Mind Candy, 12.45 on Thursday, Hubs C. In May's edition of Wired magazine, Mind Candy supremo, Michael Acton Smith, was dubbed Walt 2.0, predicted to be Disney for the 21st century. No pressure, then... >> That said, the way in which Moshi Monsters has moved from being a successful online world to a mega kids entertainment brand, does bear some comparison with how Mickey - and his chums - have grown to dominate family content in the last eighty years. A best-selling Moshi Monsters magazine, the smash hit, 'Music Rox', described by…

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Mind the Gap

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 1:09pm

Blogged by Sanjay D'Humieres. This session outlined to programme-makers some of the funding options that are available to them and was a platform for delegates to ask questions about how they can get money to finance their projects. Adam Selly was Producer and Chair for this session and got straight in the thick of things introducing the first of the panellists from the EU’s Media Desk UK, responsible for helping anyone seeking financial help or grants from Europe. The role of the Media Desk is to promote content across European borders and is the occasion for the various national media…

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Never Ending Story

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 12:50pm

Blogged by: Nina Koo-Seen-Lin Session: Never Ending Story   Introduced by: Matt Locke, Director, Storythings Speakers: John Davison, Creative Director, Kanoti, Laura Dockrill, Author, Poet, Performer Will Jewel, Screenwriter, Director, Fractured Films Sophie Sampson, Freelance Writer and Producer Tom Turcan, Founder, Runcat Consulting Produced by: Claire Fegan, Business Development Manager, Kanoti It’s fun walking into a cinema room playing Guess the Cartoon theme tune. Noddy, Tweenies, Bananas in Pajamas.... It’s a trip back to mt children’s TV worshipping days. It feels good. Too good. Luckily the session starts before my bum starts dancing on the seat. I’m here to find…

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Opening Keynote - Lane Merrifield

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2012 7:07pm

Blogged by Jayne Kirkham. The CMC Keynote "Ahead of the Game" Introduced by: Anna Home OBE, chair, The Children's Media Conference Speaker: Lane Merrifield, Executive Vice President, Disney Online Studios The Crucible, Sheffield and there's a man in a crisp white shirt and black waistcoat! No snooker cue but exciting nevertheless (if you're of a certain age). More exciting though, whatever your age, was the news tonight that Disney are giving £3million to an initiative to help educate kids and families about staying safe online. Working with partners such as Childnet, the initiative will span the next three years, teaching…

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Opening Quiz: Answers on a Postcard!

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 2:43pm

Blogged by Sanjay D'Humieres Answers on a postcard. ..... was the first session of the day and aimed at understanding the needs of young audiences through a fun and entertaining quiz. Alongside presenter Ceallach Spellman, famous for his role as Harry Fisher in Waterloo Road and now co-host of CBBC’s Friday Download, was a line-up of Senior Executives split into two teams. Taking part in the challenge were Louise Bucknole, Director of Programming for Disney Channels UK and Ireland, Ewan Vinnicombe, Head of Presentation at BBC Children’s, Alison Norrington a transmedia storyteller, Eric Huang Publishing Director at Penguin’s Media and…

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Parent Power

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 2:21pm

blogged by Jon Hancock. Parent Power Parents have more access to broadcasters and content makers than ever before. What have parents got to say, and are we listening? Hosted by the Mumsnet favourite lustee, Ben Faulks (I can say that, I’m his producer on Mr Bloom – he’ll punch me later) the session was a robust panel discussion about the influence of parents in children’s content. The world of social media is changing radically – it’s different to how it was a year ago – and will be different in another year. So how important is it? Barry Ryan from…

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PJ PLaylist

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 12:34pm by Tom Webb

Blogged by Tom Webb. PJ Playlist Introduced and Produced by: David Kleeman, President, American Center for Children and Media. For those who thought children’s television was the same all around the world, PJ Playlist was able to disprove that notion in an eye-opening 30 minutes of the world’s finest children’s programming. From birthday parties for corpses to a pig obsessed with sunglasses, David Kleeman, President of ACCM, treated his audience to Prix Jeunesse 2012’s finest children’s entertainment. With such creativity and inspiration gained from watching international programming, David offered a stark warning. Never try to recreate it. Do look for…

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Prix Jeunesse 2012 - Medalists and Also-rans

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 2:07pm

Blogged by Jayne Kirkham Presented and produced by David Kleeman, President, American Center for Children and Media Sponsored by Brown Bag Films The lovely David Kleeman always brings tasty treats to CMC and this year was no exception. You've already had one helping from this year's Prix Jeunesse but this selection were the winners and almost winners. David reminded us to remember three things when watching international children's television. 1 - It's not better or worse than ours, just different: let it challenge your conceptions of children's TV. 2 - Remember children's media reflects the culture that makes it. Get…

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Protecting Sally The Seahorse

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 2:04pm

Blogged by Jayne Kirkham Introduced by Marion Edwards, VP Production, HIT Entertainment Speakers: John Collins, Managing Director, John Collins Consultancy Ltd Lisa Logan, Partner, Gately UK Linda Sullivan, Director, Cavendish Corporate Finance Download John Collins' presentation. Download Linda Sullivan's presentation. Download Lisa Logan's presentation. Produced by Rebecca Fox, Animator and Storyteller Sally the Seahorse was so well protected that I never saw her. She'd gone by the time I arrived. But if her owner followed the useful advice given by John, Lisa and Linda she'd not only be protected but nurtured and well on her way to fortune, fame and…

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Reading Between the Panels

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 12:43pm

Blogged by: Nina Koo-Seen-Lin Reading Between the Panels Speakers: Mel Gibson, Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University Hunt Emerson, Comic Creator, The Beano & literature adaptations Jim Medway, Educator & Comics Creator, The Phoenix Russell Wall, Digital Media Consultant, Digital Story Engine Produced and presented by: Paul Gravett, Director, Comica Fesival and Escape Books Additional materials: Hunt Emerson's presentation (PowerPoint - for explanations use the PowerPoint notes) Russell Wall, of Digital Story Engine, showed this video on Reading and Writing Comics: Mel Gibson is in the room! No, not THAT Mel Gibson. This Mel is female and she’s a senior lecturer and…

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Shape It, Pitch It!

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 12:55pm by Sanjay d'Humières

Blogged by Sanjay d'Humieres Shape It, Pitch It! That was the name of one of the workshops dedicated to pitching attended by some 50 delegates all eager to improve their skills on this difficult and sometime daunting art form. Workshop producers Dinah Lammiman and Jason DaPonte led this afternoon session steering participants onto the path of commissioning success. The session was all about developing skills to gain confidence, being concise when making a presentation and selling ones idea as the new best show to people who can make or break your idea or/and project. Some delegates submitted their ideas prior…

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Should we be listening to the parents?

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2012 1:04pm

Paul Shuttleworth is producing a session on parent power. What have parents got to say about children's media and should we be listening? Thursday, Hubs C, 2pm - 3pm >I can't stop myself. As soon as my latest series starts, there I am dual screening, watching the twitter feed, hungry for an audience's response. > >No. That's the presenter's girlfriend. You'd expect that. > >Some twins in Inverness seem to like it. Thank you and no, you can't have tickets for Justin's House. Copy and paste standard reply. > >Then... Ouch. There is the tweet that gets to that point…

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Specific, focused and driven...

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2012 1:45pm

These are the three things which graduates and students need in persuing a career, as Tom Webb discovered at the CMC students' briefing. Careers advice is a tricky subject, especially for a student. However, it’s only tricky for the person giving it because they’re more than likely to advise lawyers, engineers and doctors on the same day. However, when at a media conference, surrounded by professionals, creative’s and industry experts, if you’re looking for a career in the media, careers advice doesn’t get much better than this. For the volunteers of the CMC 2012 conference, this became apparent. After a…

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Testing Testing....

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 6:12pm

Blogged by Tom Webb. Testing, Testing… Presented and Introduced by: John Kent, Freelance Cross Platform Producer Speakers: Dr Adam Galpin, Senior Lecturer Psychology, University of Salford Josh Selig, President and Founder, Little Airplane Productions Dr Amanda Gummer, MD, Fundamentals For those in the creative processes of generating new children’s entertainment, user testing is not only necessary, but now one of the most important stages in drafting and writing. Without it, one of our greatest questions ‘how do we talk to children’ will never be answered. ‘Testing, Testing…’ explored the unpredictable and ‘make or break’ arena of screening new material to…

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Thank You For The Music

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 12:31pm

Blogged by Jayne Kirkham. Trying hard to ignore the old Abba single rattling through my head served as a timely reminder of the power of music - and further confirmed this session's main argument that AV without the A is just.... well you try playing a computer game with the sound off. After a couple of Guess the Theme Tune quizzes, the point was underlined even further. So much further that none of us were actually in Sheffield any longer but transported to a Galaxy Far Far Away. The stupid thing is that music is so often forgotten and only…

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The CMC Writers' Workout

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2012 6:12pm

Blogged by Tina Boonstra The CMC Writers Work Out Produced and presented by Alan Gilbey, freelance screenwriter and show developer. Alan Gilbey's session was described as an active session and it definitely was! Crammed with great stories, top secrets and really fun ways to practice and get creative, it really was a workout for the mind and the body. Focussing on the art of developing stories, Alan began by giving us a whistle stop tour of the beginnings of animation, whilst at the same time giving a brief insight into his own story. Then things began to get physical. A…

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The Wrap: Top Takeaways of CMC 2012

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 5:51pm

Blogged by Tina Boonstra Anna Home opened the final session of CMC 2012 with a big thank you to all who'd organised, worked at, spoken or participated in the conference in every sense. She then handed to David Kleeman who had a small team of Conference regulars to outline their top takeaways from the entire event. Genevieve Dexter (Consultant, Serious Lunch), Marc Goodchild (Director, IpDipSky Blue Interactive) and Sarah Muller (Head of Acquisitions and Drama Development, CBBC) each gave their three top tips, brought up to a nice round 12 by David's own obesrevations. Genevieve: The realisation that funds are…

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TV Presenters – What Children Want

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2012 5:12pm

Blogged by Jon Hancock. TV Presenters – What Children Want Dr Lynn Whitaker of the University of Glasgow presented a bewildering array of stats from the IZI International audience research into what children want in a TV presenter. Carried out across 24 countries, with a total of 3,000 children aged 3-10 (evenly spread made and female), Lynn carried out the UK section of this research with 448 kids. The simple headline is that the majority of children globally want to see a presenter with the same appearance as themselves (hair, skin, eye colour), gender and ethnicity – albeit someone who…

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Working with CBBC

Posted on: Friday 06 July 2012 1:40pm

Working with CBBC Blogged by Jon Hancock Hosted by Saira Khan Helen Bullough, Head of Production Bill Hobbins, Creative Director, CBBC Sarah Muller, Head of Drama Development & Acquisitions Japhet Asher, Exec Producer, Interactive Sara Harkins, Creative Director, Children’s Scotland With a variety of quota and commitments to meet (e.g. 550 hours of factual content per year) CBBC offers a variety of opportunities to individuals outside the corporation. A passionately led session by Saira Khan (with all the energy of someone who surely wasn’t at the party til the early hours last night) was rammed with info, so here are…

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