CMC 2010

New Decade, New Challenges: How can children’s media make a positive impact on kids’ lives?

Inevitably at the start of a new decade – and the start of a new government – we look forward to the issues and concerns that are likely to dominate the years ahead. It’s safe to predict that media and its influence will be in the spotlight.

Kids’ media has often been seen as a problem – too many passive hours in front of screens, breeding anti-social, unhealthy young people.

But those of us who work in this field know that this is not the real story. At a time when there is genuine concern about the future of children in our society, we should be demonstrating the positive role that media can play: the impact it can have on culture, social values and learning as well as providing relaxation and entertainment.

We believe we have the best kids’ TV in the world; now we need to have the best kids’ media in the world – across all platforms from print to audio-visual. New technologies and new patterns of use provide us with opportunities to re-invent our relationship with our audience. At this year’s conference, high profile and relevant speakers explored new methods of distribution, new ways to source funding and new ways of doing business, encouraging us to forge new partnerships, find new markets and build new connections with kids.

The CMC continues to help shape the future for the audience and for you.

Anna Home OBE
The Children’s Media Conference Chair