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Brexit Late Breakfast

Bring your Croissants and Danish pastries and join a panel of experts to consider the implications of Brexit for the creative industries and the kids' market in Publishing, TV, Licensing and beyond.


Rebels and Empires: The Future of British Comics

Comic book properties are everywhere nowadays, from cinema screens to supermarket shelves – and the popularity of comic characters shows no signs of abating. However, whether it’s superhero stalwarts like ‘Batman’ or ‘Spider-Man’, or more grown-up fare like ‘The Walking Dead’, the constant seems to be American characters, American companies, and – usually – American creators. In contrast, the British comic market seems to have declined: from its heyday decades ago, when a variety of titles lined every newsagent’s shelf, one could wonder where the British comics have gone. But there are several companies willing to challenge that theory; companies…


Market and Build: How New Voices and New Properties are Guided to Market Success

Choosing the right route to market for a story-based idea can be a make-or-break decision, especially if you’re a first timer. If you’re a new creator, writer/author or transmedia-minded producer interested in exploring new routes to market, publishing can seemingly represent a simpler and lower cost route for a new idea, especially when compared to film and television. But how it looks from the outside is rarely how it is in reality. This session will explore how children’s publishers view the prospect of taking on new talent editorially, discuss from a sales perspective how that talent and its creation gets…


Margins and Merchandise: What has Licensing Ever Done for Us?

Why children’s publishers need to understand the wider opportunities available within the world of licensing. This round table brings together expert panellists who will discuss both the acquisition and exploitation of IP and tips on how best to navigate the wider licensing world.


Page to Screen - Making the Jump, and Back Again

Children’s picture book veteran Nick Butterworth explores his creative journey from page to screen... and back again, as successful animation series 'QPootle Five' navigates the world of screen content financing and revenue streams.