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Children’s Hub


Publish or Perish? The Future of Children's Publishing through to 2020

How will the children’s book publishing industry develop during through to 2020 – and what will this mean for the wider children’s media market? Will the UK sector continue to consolidate or can new entrants flourish? Can the UK maintain its strong position in an increasingly international market? How will the flow of IP out of and into the publishing sector change? Will the publishing stars of the future come from YouTube and the games industry? How will the decline of the independent high-street retailers impact the market? Do children’s e-books have a future? What will the successful children’s publisher…


Who Needs Broadcasters?

With the advent of YouTube, media companies now have a unique opportunity to bypass broadcast and connect directly with consumers. Christopher Skala, Co-Founder & CEO, TaDaKids Ltd, who have recently launched the first tranche of a portfolio of 16 YouTube Pre-school Channels, gives his views on what this kind of production, brand and IP model looks like.


Licensed and Non-Author Publishing - What do Publishers Want?

What makes a non-author driven, media property appealing to publishers? Emily Campan, Penguin Random House Licensed Publishing and TV Development Executive, Katie Price, Hachette Children’s Licensing Director and David Maybury, Media Development Director at Scholastic look at how and when publishers are interfacing with media companies and engaging in non-authors ideas that have publishing potential. This session is open to all attendees of the London Book Fair


How does Publishing IP become Broadcast & Licensing IP?

Transforming a book into a TV series is both a creative and financial challenge.  But it can have significant commercial upside. Using live case studies Technicolor’s Alison Warner, VP, IP Sales, Acquisitions and Co-Productions, outlines the creative and commercial journeys of family adventure property 'The Deep' and pre-school property 'Chamelia'. This session is open to all attendees of the London Book Fair