CMC China Connect 2021

Supported by the UK Department for International Trade, CMC presents CMC China Connect for the second year. Develop your relationship with Chinese platforms, distributors and production companies through webinar and one-to-one meetings.



CMC China Connect – Webinar

Wednesday 21 April 2021
9-10.30am BST

Our webinar with key Chinese platforms, producers and distributors, explored the current state of the Chinese animation market, what the market is looking for and how it plans to progress.

With speakers
Fan Bo (Eddy) (UYoung Studio)
Manman Chen (WeKids)
Jean Dong (Zespa Media)
Lulu Hansen (Amazing Zebra)
Trevor Lai (UP Studios)
Jian Luo (Shanghai Motion Magic Digital Entertainment / Shanghai Media Group)
Alicia Liu (Singing Grass)
Leeger Liu (Tencent)
Chenfei Zhu (iQIYI)

CMC China Connect – One-to-One Meetings

Thursday 22 April 2021
8-11.30am BST
Cost £60+VAT

To accompany the webinar, CMC is offering a managed market morning with key Chinese executives in exclusive one-to-one meetings. Places are available to companies and freelancers with serious plans in the Chinese market. CMC’s Meeting Mojo system will organise meeting requests and organise video one-to-ones.

Companies taking meetings include:

Jane Lee (Alpha Group)
LiYan Li (Beijing Joy Culture Media)
Ray Wang (Reesee Entertainment)
Lena Ni (Shanghai Senyu Media)
Lulu Hansen (Amazing Zebra)
Alicia Liu (Singing Grass)
Rory (UP Studios)
James Chen Gu (UYOUNG Culture & Media)
Manman Chen (WeKids)
Jean Dong (Zespa Media)