CMC at Cinekid 2012

The CMC organised a session at the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam on the 25th October 2012.

Cinekid hosts a range of activities for Dutch children including a Film and TV Festival, and a fantastic Media Lab which displays some of the latest hands-on interactive kit and software. Hundreds of kids get to try it out over the course of the Festival.

Alongside this, Cinekid also runs a screening market for film and TV, a cross-media market, a professionals’ conference and various special events desgned to improve the media landscape for kids on a strategic level.

The CMC has partnered with Cinekid, which sends representatives to Sheffield each year, and this year we took that a step further by “re-staging” one of the more popular sessions from the CMC in July, at Cinekid in October.

A big thank you to Marc Goodchild for helping to make this happen.

A full report of the event (in English!) is available here:
Cinekid CMC seminar second screens 2012