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Westminster Conference Centre C3



An introduction to the day from CMC Editorial Director Greg Childs and Producer Helen Brunsdon.


Keynote: Animation UK - A New Initiative

Oli Hyatt sets the scene for the CMC Animation Exchange 2016 with his review of animation in Britain, and an announcement about plans to create a new body to represent the animation industry - allowing animation in the UK to become the decider of its own destiny.


Question Time: The UK Animation Sector - New Research, Current Issues and Future Prospects

This Question Time panel covers the state of UK animation and all the issues it faces.  Lindsay Watson presents the results of her 2-year research project which reveals where UK animation sits in the international market and how it impacts on policy decisions, and Oli Hyatt and the team behind the new Animation UK initiative take questions and comments to inform their planning for the new organisation.


Panel: Channel News - Budgets, Projects and Targets

Meet buyers, kids channel heads and acquisitions executives for a run down of their wish-lists and current news.


Case Study 1: Self-funding a Mini-series

David Curry explains the various sources of funding used to fund a series outside the broadcast space.


Case Study 2: One Dream/Two Dreamers - Co-developing Animation

Co-developing is the most common model for developing animation and can bring together strange bedfellows. This case study addresses the basic deal terms of co-developing an animation project and highlights the key issues that co-developers need to address in order to achieve their shared dream of getting their co-development fully nanced.


Panel: Finance, Tax and Funding

A complete run down of the latest news on tax breaks, new funding initiatives and project finance approaches.


Panel: The International Perspective

International animation experts tell us about working in the UK market from their various perspectives.


One-to-One Meetings

One to one meetings with key speakers and expert guests are available. One to one meetings can only be booked on the day.