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Case Study 2: One Dream/Two Dreamers – Co-developing Animation

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 12:57pm by Kath Shackleton

Rosemary Klein  (The Television Affairs Consultancy) took us through a fictional scenario with Andrew Baker (Kidscave Entertainment) and Deborah Thorpe (The Television Affairs Consultancy) Andrew played the "talented" animator and director with his pre-school series ‘Rollies’ featuring his original characters.  And Deborah, was the owner of animation company Moon Productions, who is being critically acclaimed for her work. The session explored their journey to reach agreement on making the ‘Rollies’ roll…. They need to agree a way to work together where they can both get the right measure of control and rewards from the process of production. Here are the things they discussed:…

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Case Study: Self-funding a Mini-series

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 12:55pm by Rob Doherty

David Curry (Cutlass Productions) made the case for self-funding animation projects and discussed sources of such finding and support. Achieving finance for projects is difficult for UK animation producers.  There's a lot of investment in tech -  for example £1.1bn was given in funding for Virtual Reality projects in the first two months of 2016 alone, and an LA based tech team recently raised $1.7m to develop the software to make your own, basic CG animation projects. But there is little investment in content. David used the Steve Jobs/Pixar story to illustrate how someone from the tech side saw the longer…

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CMC Animation Exchange - a View from China.

Posted on: Friday 11 March 2016 3:32pm by Alex Chien

Alex Chien is a consultant based in Beijing- her clients included Disney China, Shanghai Media Group, CCTV Animation, Beijing Design Week, the Swire Group, the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Arts to name a few. Before setting up her own consultancy, she was General Manager/ Head of Brand / Creative & Content Director with Nickelodeon from 2004-2012, posted in Shanghai, Singapore, London and Beijing. Prior to that, she worked as executive producer and producer/director at Disney and MTV in Asia. Alex came to the CMC Animation Exchange in London with Grace Tian and Ma Lin of Magic Mall Entertainment from Beijing…

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Keynote: Animation UK - a New Initiative

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 10:56am by Kath Shackleton

Keynote Speaker: Oli Hyatt, Creative Director Blue Zoo and Chair Animation UK Greg Childs, Editorial Director of the CMC, introduced Oli Hyatt as a great supporter of the Animation Exchange, the CMC and of course the UK animation sector as he and the organisation created for that purpose - Animation UK - had been the driving force behind the successful campaign for a tax incentive for animation production. It’s nine years since Oli started talking to the then Secretary of State at DCMS, Jeremy Hunt, about Tax breaks for animation, and eight years since Animation UK began.  He is enormously proud of how…

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Panel: Channel News: Budgets, Projects and Targets

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 12:19pm by Rob Doherty

Tony Collingwood (Collingwood & Co.) welcomed Jackie Edwards (BBC Children’s), Nina Hahn (Nickelodeon International Production & Development) and Orion Ross (Disney Channels EMEA) Tony asked each of the speakers to introduce themselves and tell the audience what they are looking for as content for their channels Jackie Edwards: is across acquisitions for CBBC and CBeebies.  BBC Children’s is, in general, looking to pre-buy animation and live action and CBBC and CBeebies have a range of different ways of acquiring content and working with producers. There have been a lot of changes recently at BBC Children’s, with a very positive move towards the department…

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Panel: Finance, Tax and Funding

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 1:01pm by Kath Shackleton

Introduced by: Rosemary Klein The Television Affairs Consultancy Speakers: Charles Leveque Harbottle & Lewis Anna Mansi BFI Mark Rowland Compact Media Group Harvey Shackleton Compact Media Group This panel delivered a complete run down of the latest news on tax breaks, new funding initiatives and project finance approaches. Anna Mansi: Some essentials for getting an animation tax break... You have to be an Animation production company officially registered with Companies House before pre-production starts. That’s essential – you won’t be eligible if you set up midway through production. It must be intended for broadcast.  This can be the TV or…

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Panel: International Perspectives

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 2:57pm by Rob Doherty

Introduced by: Genevieve Dexter Speakers; Sophie Boé (Canal Plus, France) Jeff Kranzdorf (Film Roman, Canada) Solveig Langeland (Sola Media, Germany) Pietro Pinetti (Studio Bozzetto & Co, Italy ) Xie Yang (China Film Group, China) Genevieve Dexter introduced the panel as part of “The Boris Tour”, organised by Film London, who have been in the UK for 3 days visiting various studios. She asked first what they were hoping to find here in London? Sophie Boé: Is very interested in UK made programmes. They are the only pre-bought programmes in France, where Canal+ has 2 children’s channels for ages 2 –…

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Question Time: The UK Animation Sector – Current Issues and Future Prospects

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 11:10am by Kath Shackleton

Some of the supporters of the new Animation UK industry body gathered to talk about its potential role and organisational set up, and to listen to the opinions of CMC Animation Exchange delegates. Moderator: Greg Childs, Editorial Director, CMC Participants: Oli Hyatt                             Blue Zoo Animation Greg Lynn                          Adrenalynn Kate O’Connor                 Senior Consultant Tim Searle                         Tiger Aspect Lindsay Watson     …

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Research Report: The UK Animation Sector – Current Issues and Future Prospects

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 11:01am by Rob Doherty

As an introduction to the the Animation Exchange Question Time Panel, Lindsay Watson (CANUK Productions) presented her masters research paper ‘The UK Animation Sector – Current Issues and Future Prospects’ Since 2007 there has been a crisis in funding animation in the UK. There are over 600 studios in UK producing animation and yet at policy level the industry is almost invisible.  How do you get the money to produce animation, and can we adapt as an industry? Are there policies that can help and can policy have a positive impact? A review of a selected policy as an example showed that ‘animation’…

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