The CMC Environmental Policy

The Children’s Media Conference Environmental Policy

  • The Children’s Media Conference (CMC) is a world leading conference, gathering everyone involved in developing, producing and distributing content to kids through a three-day conference in Sheffield each July, with additional events and delegation-hosting throughout the year nationally and internationally.
  • Welcoming over 1,200 delegates, including industry delegates from 30 countries, The Children’s Media Conference brings new and returning delegates to the city each year from all over the world.
  • We recognise that hosting such an event in the city has significant environmental impact, and we are committed to monitoring, reviewing, and reducing the scale of that footprint.

Our Policy

  • We are committed to embedding sustainability into our organisation,.
  • We encourage and engage in open dialogue with our supporters and the CMC Advisory Committee, and communicate our environmental sustainability policies to staff, the conference team, delegates, and suppliers.
  • We aim to improve our energy efficiency, use zero carbon sources and transport, sustainably sourced materials, local providers, and reduce waste across all aspects of our activity.
  • Within our organisation, we are working to identify roles and responsibilities, improve our policy and process, in relation to an environmental action plan.
  • We seek to better understand, by improving our monitoring and reporting, our environmental impacts in our office, as part of our all-year activity, and during our annual conference in Sheffield.
  • We aim to organise sessions on Environmental themes during the annual conference in Sheffield.

Our main areas of impact:

Greening the Office

  • The CMC’s year-round office is in the Sheffield Tech Park which is powered by 100% renewable electricity.  The building’s heating and hot water is supplied via Gas boilers. The Landlord intends to replace these in the coming years with a renewable source. The following is recycled: paper, cardboard, glass, ink cartridges, plastic, cans, batteries.
  • The CMC’s production office is in the Showroom Workstation venue which is powered by 100% renewable electricity and the Café Bar kitchen is powered by Green gas. The building’s heating is on the district energy network which means that none of the waste goes to landfill. All waste from Veolia goes to incineration which heats the building.  The following is recycled: paper, cardboard, glass, ink cartridges, plastic bottles, cans and tins.
  • Staff are briefed and are aware of office policies on recycling and energy saving, such as turning off lights and computers overnight, and monitoring heating and air conditioning levels. Recycling facilities are available and easy to use. We use green/ethical options when purchasing new equipment, and it’s our policy to use locally-based suppliers as much as possible.

Team Travel

  • We monitor our staff travel year-round and use conference calls to minimise travel where possible.

At the Conference and other CMC events:

CMC 2022 Online 

  • The CMC is available in an Online format which reduces our carbon footprint.


  • Sheffield Theatres Trust (Crucible and Lyceum Theatres) has been awarded Creative Green Certification.

Catering and Water

  • Single use plastic will not be made available by the conference to delegates or our team.
  • Please help us achieve this by bringing your own reusable coffee cups and refillable water bottles (you can find places to fill up around the conference venue). You will get a refillable water bottle in the delegates bag.
  • We work closely with local companies to provide catering for our conference and we ask that our venues use organic, free range, regional and seasonal ingredients as much as possible and are mindful of food waste and reducing packaging.
  • Serve ware is reusable, and/or recycled, recyclable, compostable and we work with our suppliers to establish the best waste management and recycling plan.
  • We are working with our partner venues to provide a catering solution for the CMC Team and Volunteers that minimises food waste and reducing packaging.
  • We encourage CMC Sponsors to provide reusable cups refillable water bottles in the Delegates Bag.

Waste, Materials & Recycling

  • We try to reduce waste by designing our signage and merchandise so we can re-use it each year.
  • We aim to avoid foamcore signs and request recyclable material for signage. We reuse a lot of our signs.
  • The CMC Delegates Guide is no longer printed. It is available on the Issuu online platform and via the CMC App.
  • Any paper promotional publications use FSC approved paper from sustainable sources and chemical free printing plates.
  • We strongly advise our sponsors to provide recyclable and non-plastic merchandise.


  • Train is by far the easiest method to travel to CMC, as the railway station is minutes away from our main venues.
  • Once in Sheffield, we encourage visitors to walk as all our venues and hotels are situated within the city centre ring road.
  • Delegates are encouraged to offset their travel.
  • As an international conference we do have guests from around the world, but we always try to minimise flights, avoid any internal connections, and use trains for travel within the UK.


  • Ask for a recycling bag for your hotel room if one isn’t there already.

Sheffield Sustainable City

  • With one third of Sheffield nestled within the Peak District National Park, and less than 1% of the city’s household waste being sent to landfill each year, the UK’s Outdoor City has excellent green credentials and is a beautiful place to live, work, and visit.

Policy Updated June 2022