CMC Karaoke 2021

No CMC would be complete without karaoke, so after the success of The CMC Karaoke Show 2020 last year, we are back with The CMC Karaoke Show 2021!

The CMC Karaoke Show, Thursday 8th July, 8-10pmYou must be an official delegate to take part, so Register for CMC now to join the Karaoke fun!

Jamie Badminton from Karrot will return as your host leading another super fun LIVE show, capturing the spirit of CMC’s popular in-person event. Everyone is welcome – you can sit back and enjoy the show or join us in the spotlight.

Want to get involved?
We’re lining up singers right now so email us at to reserve your spot before it gets busy!

“But what will I need to take part?” we hear you cry. Well, all you need is one device to run Zoom (e.g. laptop/pc) and a separate device (e.g. smartphone, portable speaker) to play your background music and you’re good to go!

Not one for a live performance?
We will be welcoming (landscape) clips of you performing your own personal favourite karaoke hits, or montages produced by companies and collectives.

It’s time to warm up those vocal chords, the CMC Karaoke Show is on it’s way!

Sign up to sing live and/or send your pre-records to

The CMC Karaoke Show
Thursday 8 July 8pm
Registered CMC delegates will all receive a Zoom link to take part.