The CMC Quiz 2020

Bored of Zoom?  Bored of quizzes?  THEN LOOK NO FURTHER.

This is the Quiz to end ALL QUIZZES.  There will be questions, there will be answers.  There will be PRIZES.  Imagine not just beating your friends and family BUT EVERYONE IN THE CHILDREN’S MEDIA INDUSTRY to be crowned the CMC Quiz Champion 2020 (and forever as this is the first and last time we’re doing it).

Are you smarter than a ten year old?  Do you know what celebs looked like as kids?  Think you know your TV themes?  No round will be boring, and no round too difficult.

Hosted by someone who almost got onto BBC Radio 1’s Top of The Form quiz in 1986, Steve Wynne will entertain you for at least an hour and a bit whilst you attempt to keep up with his drinking.  Which you won’t.

Prizes include a Nintendo Gameboy, front loading VCR Player (with remote), Mouse Trap boardgame and a Strawberry Blond mug.  (THESE ARE THE REAL PRIZES!).

Grab a glass or five, don’t attempt to Google the answers and join the inaugural CMC Quiz!

Registered CMC delegates will all receive a Zoom link to take part.

The CMC Quiz – Wednesday 8th July, 8pm-10pm
Register for CMC now to join the quizzing fun!

Don’t forget to donate here to The Children’s Hospital to support their work in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.