The CMC Karaoke Show 2020

This year’s CMC may be online but that won’t stop us streaming our favourite songs and singing our hearts out on Thursday 9th July, 8pm-10pm

THE CMC KARAOKE SHOW will be a mix of live performances and pre-records, hosted by Karrot’s very own Jamie Badminton, plus surprise guests!

The CMC Karaoke Show is for registered delegates of CMC only.
Register for CMC now to join the Karaoke fun!

If you want to join the queue to sing live on the night, please email us now on

Or, if you’d rather share the spotlight, we’re also preparing 5 pre-recorded group montages to feature throughout the show for the following tracks: Summer NightsI Will SurviveDancing QueenDon’t Stop Believing & Let it Go!

If that’s more your jam, send along full renditions of any, or all, of these songs by 24th June to be edited into 5 stellar zoom-tastic group performances! Use the links above as backing tracks to create your videos. Jazzy backgrounds and funny costumes are also highly encouraged!

Or, if you don’t feel like singing, we’d love to showcase your lip-syncs & dorky dancing instead.

Please send your clips for a group montage via WeTransfer to

By the way, all performances for the live stream (including pre-records) are for one night only and will only be seen by CMC 2020 delegates… so don’t be afraid to let it go! 

On the night, we’ll connect direct to the audience for as many live spots as we can, but we’d also like ad hoc pre-records. If that’s your bag, we also welcome clips of you performing your own personal favourite karaoke hits, or montages produced by companies and collectives, to showcase your team’s karaoke spirit (eg this classic)

WeTransfer clips and fully edited montages, by 1st July, to

And don’t forget – we’re keen to start our live song queue, so if you’re eager to get your live performance higher on the list, the floor is now open for entries. You know you want to!

THE CMC KARAOKE SHOW – Thursday 9th July, 8pm-10pm
Register for CMC now to join the Karaoke fun!

Produced by Jamie Badminton & Maria Pullen