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Close to Home: When Kids Prefer Local Content

In some places, local content just survives against global content; in other places, it thrives. We often talk about globalisation, but there are countries where local or culturally-specific stories and brands rise to the top of children’s favourites. There are various reasons for this, including cultural sensibilities and sensitivities, genre preferences, and even which devices […]

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From ‘Paddington’ to ‘Hunger Games’: The Books Driving Children’s Content

The changing landscape and demographics of UK children’s book buying over the last decade

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Harnessing 2020 Vision

Harnessing kids’ insights on the Covid-19 crisis and BLM movement: developing multi-media content to help them through these times whilst aiding brands move into the unknown.

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It’s Not Real Money - It’s Robux!

A pan-European exploration of children’s attitudes towards money and their spending habits in the digital world.

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Kids’ Media Worlds Right Now

An uninterrupted look at kids' worlds today and all that they consume.

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The Families@Home Project

Exploring the experience of lockdown for children and their parents.

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The Rise of the Vlogger Next Door

Children’s viewing landscape is constantly evolving. What are their current content needs and how do they fulfil these? How important is it that content reflects their lives?

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Understanding Kids’ SVOD Habits

Everything you need to know about which SVOD services & content kids are watching, why they’re popular and how these insights can be put into practice.

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